2013 BEA Book Blogger Picnic

May 17, 2013

Are you a book blogger coming into town to attend Book Expo America (BEA) this year? Are you a book blogger who lives in NYC or the surrounding areas? 

If you answered either of these questions with a yes, then come and join us for the 

BEA Book Blogger Picnic!

WHAT: The BEA Book Blogger Picnic is a casual gathering for all the book bloggers who will be in NYC or the surrounding areas during BEA week! We're keeping it relaxed, and setting it up so all us awesome book bloggers can meet up, chat about books and blogs and BEA and whatever else strikes our fancy! A lot of book bloggers will most definitely be in town for BEA, and it will be a great way to get together all in one place.

WHO: ALL book bloggers are welcome to come, regardless of whether or not you'll be at BEA.

WHEN: May 31 (Friday), from 6:00-8:00PM. This is going to be casual, so it's okay to leave early or arrive late! And if people are still in the mood to hang out when the sun goes down, the party can definitely move to another venue. (To find out if we do move somewhere else, just follow #BEABloggerPicnic on Twitter!)

WHERE: The lawns outside Heckscher Playground, near the SW corner of Central Park (see map)

I will most definitely be there, along with the co-organizers of this gathering - Andrea (Overstuffed Bookcase), Jen (YA Romantics) and Katelyn (Kate's Tales of Books and Bands). Bring your own food (if you want to) and meet us on the lawns -- we'll have a sign so you'll find us right away!

The best way to keep up with any updates or changes is to follow #BEABloggerPicnic on Twitter, as well as the organizers: me (@alexalovesbooks), Jen (@JenRyland), Katelyn (@KatelynTorrey) and Andrea (@OverstuffedBook). We'd love it if you'll help us spread the word as well, whether by tweeting, sharing the event on Facebook or your blog or even by word of mouth.

Will I see you there? I really hope I do! 
Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


  1. Woooohoooooo! I am pumped for this.

  2. Yay!! You know I'll be there!!

  3. If all goes according to plan we will definitely be there!! Let me know if I can help with anything :]

  4. AHHHH! I will totally do whatever I can to be there!

  5. How exciting! I will definitely be there!

  6. A picnic with fellow bloggers! Sounds fantastic. I wish I was in the right country for this. ;)

    Have a great time!

  7. If only teleportation was an option! I so wish I could go to BEA, and even more now because this sounds like so much fun!

  8. Sounds so much fun! I wish I could be there! Wouldn't flying just be the best thing ever? Geez, now I wish I could fly even more!

  9. Oh, this sounds so fun, I think we will definitely come. I'm glad we decided to leave BEA on Saturday instead of Friday night !

  10. How fun!!! Hope you all have a fabulous time!

  11. How awesome! I would have totally come, but I'm going to be at the Yankee/Red Sox's game then. :(
    Thank you for organizing this! I hope I'll get to meet you guys at BEA

  12. I have to make sure I don't have any evening meetings for work, but I hope i will be there!

  13. Sounds like fun! I'll try to stop by... hope it doesn't rain!

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