January 4, 2021

My 2020 Reading Journal | End of Year Update

I didn't get the chance to squeeze this update in before 2020 officially ended, but I still wanted to share all the reading journal spreads that I created and used through the end of the year. I actually think I've finally gotten the hang of whittling down the information I really wanted to track in a month, so my spreads have ended up becoming more concise. And because I've constantly been inspired by other folks (like Amanda, Elizabeth, ChloeAmaris and Allyson, to name a few), I've also been trying to be more creative. Hope you enjoy this quick look at my spreads! (If you're interested in seeing more spreads, check out my 2020 yearly set-up or my 2020 mid-year update.)

Here's a quick summary of the types of pages you'll be seeing below:
  • Monthly pages, which usually include 1) trackers per reading format, 2) a TBR list, and 3) a list of the books I've read,
  • Readathon pages, which generally include information about the hosts, dates and prompts, as well as what I ended up reading for the event
  • Tracker pages, which usually center around buddy reads, book clubs, a series or an author

Do you have a reading journal? Are you planning to use one in 2021?
(P.S. You'll be seeing my 2021 yearly spreads soon!)


  1. I love your reading journal so much! I am using the always fully booked planner for the 3rd year. I already follow Chloe on youtube, but I am going to go check out the others you mentioned.

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  2. I always love seeing your spreads! They're so creative and you use such lovely color schemes!

  3. This is SO gorgeous!!! I've dabbled with a bullet journal to track reading in 2019 and 2020 and honestly am very on and off with updating it. This year I'm going to exclusively stick with my Always Fully Booked Planner and see if I can fully commit to it!


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