January 3, 2020

My 2020 Reading Journal

I’m so happy to finally be sharing my 2020 reading journal set-up today! While I’ve migrated into digital options for my personal planning (via shared calendars and Trello), I really wanted to have a physical record of my reading year. So, after much consideration (and inspired by Kristin from Super Space Chick, Chloe from Books with Chloe and Journal with Chloe, and Jess from Peace Love Books), I decided I wanted to go back to bullet journaling about books in 2020. I spent a weekend working on both my yearly and January spreads, and I’m proud of how they turned out! 

The first three pages are my future log, and I intend to use them to keep track of book events, blog events and readathon dates. The fourth page features my ten books to read in 2020 (and I have an entire video going up on the channel tomorrow explaining how I picked them out).

The two two-page spreads that follow are meant to tracking my reads for Flights of Fantasy (spoiler: we’re bringing this one back and you’ll get the details on Monday) and Romanceopoly (which is hosted by Under the Covers Book Blog and Peace Love Books).

The next two-page spread is my TBR log. I decided to use a simple bookshelf design (that contains 150 books total), since I knew I wanted one in this journal and it works perfectly for the purpose of tallying how many TBR books I’ve tackled. I did a page focused on tracking my reads for Classics Community (which is hosted by Lucy the Reader), followed by a page where I’m tracking all the series and manga I read in 2020

The next few pages are simply for listing all the books I read in 2020. I’ve tentatively decided to just write the titles, so we’ll see if that changes. I also did a two-page spread to keep track of all of my 2020 movies, shows, music and live performances

We’re finally moving into my January section! I started with a monthly title page, which was fun to design and is very shiny because of all the gold ink. The opposite page includes a calendar (for tracking what days I finish books) and a monthly review section (for tracking my online and books read stats). I have a page for the books I read in January, where I can specific the title, format, source and rating. And the last page for January includes my January TBR, a section for books I got and a TBR summary area to track my numbers in this area! 

It was a lot of fun to spend time deliberating over what pages would be the most useful for me to include. And it was time-consuming to set it all up, true, but the result was worth it because it turned out exactly like I’d envisioned in my head. I’m so excited to finally be using this journal! 

Do you use a planner or a bullet journal (whether it’s for life or books or both)?


  1. Love how your pages turned out! I actually use two bookish journals, one just lists every book I read in the year, and the other is more of a bullet journal type broken down monthly where I add all my blog posts as well :]

    -Heather | Nerdy By Nature Blog

  2. I really love how beautiful your setup is! And I totally copied your Flights of Fantasy page :-D

  3. Your bullet journal is so BEAUTIFUL! I decided to finally create my own bookish bullet journal for this year but mine is no where near as pretty as yours! I'm beyond jealous.

    Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages

  4. This is so beautiful Alexa!! Your layouts are stunning!

  5. Oh wow, the January pages are beautiful. But really, all of these are awesome. I have a BuJo for books read, movies, monthly playlists. It's not nearly as good looking as yours, but it's fun to look back on. I need to do better with it this year. Want to link up this post - or any other planner/memory keeping post - with Keep It Together? A monthly link-up I co-host every Third Thursday of the Month! I'd love to have you join in and share your creations. :)



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