January 9, 2021

My 2021 Reading Journal

It's time to finally share my 2021 reading journal set-up! I'll admit that I wasn't entirely confident I'd be able to keep up with the journal I started last year, but I surprised myself when I surpassed my limits (bonus points if you know the reference) and really went all in on it last year. It's been fun to spend a little time each month putting together a spread, and it's so satisfying to fill it out too. I've been inspired by so many people (like AmandaElizabethChloeAmaris and Allyson, to name a few) over the last year, and I'm excited to dive into book journaling again for 2021!

Since I'm simply using the same Archer & Olive journal from last year, I created a divider page to indicate where 2021 starts. I had to reassess what pages I really used last year, and it ended up inspiring me to pare down the spreads I created. First, there's the books read spread. Not only do I list the titles of all the books I've read in the year, but I also included a fun little tracker that I can color in whenever I finish a book. Still trying to decide if I want to pick out different colors to represent different formats or genres or months!

I originally didn't want to set too many reading-related goals for this year, but I somehow ended up accidentally agreeing to or planning too many different things. Can't say I'm mad about it though! You can find the full details in yesterday's post, but these books to read spreads are split up into the different sections according to what TBRs, book clubs or goals they are meant to track. 

Okay, but of all the spreads I created for 2021, this last two page spread is absolutely my favorite. While I did watch my fair share of anime in 2020, I fell short on the manga end of things. I decided I wanted to keep the otaku obsessions coming, so I created a page to track my manga & anime goals.

Do you have a reading journal? Are you planning to use one for 2021?


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