June 29, 2017

Transformation Begins With a Word • Year of Yes

Year of Yes is another non-fiction read (yes, I read two in a month, and no, that's not normal for me), this time chronicling the year that Shonda Rhimes spent saying yes to all the opportunities that came her way instead of the no she normally parroted. Shonda gets personal with her readers, sharing anecdotes with refreshing honesty and a brightly lit sense of humor - and it makes for one heck of an inspiring, encouraging and relatable read.

The truth is that I ended up using an Audible credit to purchase this audiobook for two reasons. First, this is a non-fiction work by Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. How could I not instantly want to pick this up? (And this considering I've only ever watch Grey's Anatomy thus far, and have not caught up on it.) Especially when she was going to be narrating it herself? (It was phenomenal, by the way. I loved hearing it told the way she wanted it told, you know?) And second, both Hannah & Rachel liked this one, too.

Year of Yes was such a surprise. I love hearing stories of people who experienced transformations because they decided to embrace a different attitude and that is exactly what Shonda does. She, at the start of this story, is fond of saying no, of declining opportunities that she receives, of turning inwards towards herself because she is anxious and awkward and filled with excuses. But slowly, as the book goes on, readers will witness the way her decision to start saying yes will change her forever. It was a profoundly moving story, especially witnessing how she learned new things - about herself, her relationships, her career and her values. I was incredibly inspired to embark on my own version of a 'year of yes' when I finished listening to what Shonda had to share, and will certainly be purchasing a physical copy of this one to mark up! (Because there were so many quotable quotes, y'all. So good.) 

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio | Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Source: Audiobook purchased via Audible

This was my sixth read for The Picky Pledge Reading Challenge! Even though I fell a wee bit behind schedule in the past couple of months, I'm pleased we were able to catch up properly for June (and do an entire week of posts, the last being today's). I obviously loved this book, which makes me really happy! Anyway, apart from reading one TBR book (at least) a month and reviewing it, Hannah & I are also answering questions related to the month's category.

1) How long has this book been on your TBR? I checked my order history on Audible, and I purchased the audiobook in August 2016. So, it's been on my TBR for nearly a year!

2) Why did you choose to buy it in audiobook format? Two words for you: Shonda Rhimes.

3) Would you listen to more audiobooks with this narrator? If Shonda continues to write books that speak of her own experiences and narrate some anecdotes from her life, then hell yes, of course I would listen to another audiobook she narrates.


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