June 6, 2017

#chooseyou: A Little Relationship Advice

I'm honored to be a part of the blog tour for Bad Romance, the upcoming contemporary YA release from Heather Demetrios (out June 13). While this wasn't an easy book to read, it's an important one. It showcases a bad relationship in a very real way - a way that I'm sure other readers might find eye-opening or relatable. I do have a full review of this novel, which you can watch out for, but today, I'll be sharing a little relationship advice.

I've been reading a lot of contemporary love stories lately. There's something wonderful about seeing two people (sometimes similar personalities, and at other times, very different individuals) fall in love, and I'm definitely partial to a happy ending. But the truth is, once the fairytale chapter ends, well, things shift for any couple. After discussing it with my husband (who I've been in a relationship with for 11.6 years, of which we have been married for 3.8 years), we thought it'd make the most sense to share some relationship advice for when you're in that particular part of your relationship that happens just after the 'honeymoon' ends. Here are five things we both think are essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy romantic relationship!

Communicate. To be completely fair, this is important at all times in a relationship. But we both find that it's even more imperative to know how to communicate properly and effectively with your partner when you're at the relationship tipping point. Any doubts or fears, any compliments or criticisms, any suggestions or changes - knowing how to really talk to your partner will help ease this transition period for the two of you.

Compromise. The one thing that people tend to forget is that every person has their own individual personality, including likes, dislikes, characteristics, habits, and so own. When you're at the stage of realizing that the rose-tinted glasses on your relationship are no longer on, you'll soon start being faced with moments where you have to work with your partner in order to reach a point where both of you are happy and at peace. 

Rediscover. It might feel like some of the magic of the earlier days of the firsts - first kiss, first date, first trip together, first everything - is starting to wear off when you hit the relationship hump. This is why it's more important than ever to start the rediscovery process. You'll learn new things about your partner; your partner will learn more about you; you both will discover things that are fresh, exciting and totally brand new.

Realign. We find that you usually hit that relationship hump period when you and your partner are trying to decide how serious you are about each other. It's the perfect opportunity to make sure your priorities are aligned, whether it comes to how you feel about your relationship or what your goals for the future are.

Free. In line with the other tips we've shared, it is important to acknowledge the freedom that both people in the relationship possess. As unique individuals, it is likely that you will both have a variety of interests and preferences. It is imperative that you remember to allow your partner the freedom to be who they are, and to accept that they alone are responsible for their actions and choices... even within the commitment of a long-term relationship. 

Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) | Publication Date: June 13, 2017
Source: ARC received from the publisher (Thanks!)
Buy the Book: Book Depository | Amazon | IndieBound

All Grace wants is to escape – her messed up home life, her small California town, her current circumstances. And when Gavin, talented, sweet, adoring Gavin, shows up, and they fall head over heels in love, things seem to be looking up. But the truth is that Gavin is more dangerous than he seems, and suddenly Grace finds herself trapped in one bad romance. (Major trigger warning for abusive relationships.)

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