December 23, 2016

Alexa's Best of 2016: Goodies & Collectibles

As this year draws to a close, I thought it'd be fun to share some of my favorite things with all of you, both bookish and non-bookish. Beginning today, you'll have a chance to hear me gush all about the things that I've loved in 2016, and I'm so pumped to be able to talk up all of my beloved new favorites! Be sure to keep an eye out for all five posts in this series!

These are a few of my favorite things! And indeed, I'm going to be talking about a whole bunch of things that I absolutely loved adding to my collections and possessions in 2016. From the most stunning fandom art to goodies from my travels, from fun additions to my wardrobes to the massive growth in my bookmark and candle collections, I've acquired quite a number of things. (Note: The items are in no particular order, as I found it impossible to rank them since I loved them for all different reasons. Also, all photos belong to the shop owners or to me unless stated otherwise.)

Nerdy Grl Designs bookmarks (Shop here! Note: The shop is on hiatus at the moment.)
When I started putting this list together, I automatically knew that this shop would have to be included. I'm so in love with Melisa's illustration style and design aesthetic! It also definitely helps that she does designs for a lot of my favorite fandoms. But seriously, I'm in love with her bookmarks (and plan on acquiring many more), and will have them adorning my shelves (and books) for months to come.

Novelly Yours candles (Shop here! Note: The shop is on hiatus at the moment.)
I love candles. Love. That's not even enough to express the obsession with having a candlelit space. Anyway, I knew I would have to mention Brittany's candle shop this year! I've been loving her scents a whole lot, and I also really love that there's a new themed candle every month. Plus, they look super cute in the tins and with their solid, vibrant colors. These candles are also scattered on my shelves, and I love it!

Icey Designs notebook (Shop here!
Hafsah is another person with a design aesthetic that I absolutely adore. I have quite a few of her notebooks (and her other goodies in the shop, including the newly introduced candles), and I love them to death. They're almost too pretty to use (and I say almost because I've used one of them), and I actually like displaying them on my shelf.

Sailor Moon (ish) backpack (Buy it here!)
I celebrated my love for Sailor Moon with some fellow bloggers this summer, if you guys caught that. While in the throes of revisiting my love for it, this bag came to my attention. I showed it to Macky, and he immediately said I should snag it... so I did! It's surprisingly roomy on the inside (I used it at Boston Comic Con and on the day trip up, and it carried everything perfectly), and sits comfortably on the shoulders. I love this subtle nod to Sailor Moon!

DC Comics Nightwing Cosplay Hoodie (Buy it here!)
If you guys follow me on YouTube, you'll see that Macky & I collaborated to create the Bat Family Book Tag. The more I've learned about the Bat Clan, and the more I've watched and read, the more I've come to love them - especially the Robins, especially Dick Grayson. It's not too surprising then that when this Nightwing hoodie went on sale, I snatched one up for myself! It's just the perfect level of oversized for me to wear comfortably, and I'm so in love with the colors. 

Hufflepuff sweater (Buy it here!
I saw a tweet featuring the image of this sweater, and I knew I had to have it. I pre-ordered it and eagerly anticipated its arrival - and once it came, it was everything I wanted it to be. It's well-made, light enough not to be overwhelmingly warm and thick enough to be suitable for cooler days. I love the way the badger looks too! I think it's an awesome nod to my Hufflepuff heritage, and I definitely would recommend you get your house sweater.

Mermaid Tears (Not sure where the one I have is from, but here's a cute necklace option!)
This was a gift from Danica, and I'm obsessed! It doesn't really serve any purpose other than to celebrate our mutual love of mermaids and to decorate my fairytale collection shelf, but I love it nonetheless. It's a shade of my favorite color, it's beautifully crafted (the label and seal are lovely) and it just looks really good.

Sailor Mercury Coffee Mug (Buy it here!)
This was a gift from Rachel, and I'm also obsessed! You guys already know from earlier that I love Sailor Moon, but if we're talking specific favorites, I really love Sailor Mercury and always have. It was really cool to find this among my birthday presents this year, especially because it combines two of my favorite things - coffee and Sailor Moon!

Disney Animators' Collection Deluxe Figure Play Set (Buy it here!)
I grew up on Disney films and I have a special place in my heart for the Disney Princesses. My friend Hanna and I were browsing at the Disney Store when she was in town, and we both fell head over heels in love with this set of figurines. She bought them for me as a present (since she stayed at our apartment), and I now use them to decorate my shelves. They're incredibly cute, and I love the detail on them!

Naruto figurines
These were a gift from Macky in celebration of my newly developed obsession with the Naruto anime (I'm somewhere in the middle of Shippuden at the moment)! He gifted me with bigger versions of Kakashi and Shikamaru (who are my top two favorite characters), and then also got a whole mini set that features Gaara, Naruto, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke. They look so great on my shelf, which is why I love them so, so much.

Canon Powershot G7X (Buy it here!)
Macky & I decided that it was time to invest in a camera for both my YouTube videos and my family's big trip to Europe earlier this year. I wavered between a few different models before finally deciding on this one - and I love it. It's so portable and handy, and it's got all the functions that I (as a total newbie) really make use of. It's seen a lot of action in 2016, and I can only imagine how much more will come in 2017.

Record Player 
(Buy it here!)
Another recommendation from Rachel has made it onto this list, and that's my recently acquired record player! I've always wanted to own one (ever since I moved into my own apartment with my friends, and now with my family), but I didn't take the plunge until now. (And it's specifically because of James Bay's Chaos and the Calm Live, which I also acquired this year and love.) The sound is great, and the volume is also surprisingly loud. (I also use it to play music from my phone!)

BB-8 Souvenir Cup
When Danica & I went to Walt Disney World in October, I knew that I needed to snag one of these souvenir cups - and I got it on our first night. I'm a big BB-8 fan, and have been ever since I first saw the trailer for The Force Awakens. I love the way this looks and even though it was a bulky addition to my carry-on, I just knew I needed it. It currently occupies a spot on my bookshelf, and makes me happy every time I see it.

BB-8 Mickey ears
Another acquisition from my trip to Walt Disney World! I actually purchased three different things to wear while I was at the park, but my favorite has to be my BB-8 Mickey ears. They're just so cute! I thought they were a fun nod to my favorite Droid (well, now he's tied with K-2SO), and I enjoyed wearing them around the park. They're on my dresser now, because they also put a smile on my face and remind me that I need to plan my next trip to Orlando!

Cat mask from Venice
Another item I acquired from a trip this year is my beloved cat mask that I hand-carried home all the way from Venice. Venice is a magical, mysterious, tiny city, and I'm itching to revisit it (especially during a time with better weather). I knew I had to pick up a mask, and when I laid eyes on this cat mask - with its vibrant blues and golds - it was love at first sight.

multiple editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
It was only this year that I decided to start collecting editions of the first Harry Potter novel wherever I traveled, particularly if it were to a foreign country. I successfully managed to acquire one in pretty much every single city! My friends also pitched in and brought me books from their travels abroad, and my books from home were sent to me, so the collections grown substantially. I just really love seeing all the editions lined up together on my shelf.

What were some of your favorite things you acquired in 2016?
Don't forget to check back for another "Best Of" post tomorrow!


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