April 18, 2016

Book BFF Roulette

Last year, I teamed up with my friends Rachel, Kelly & Hannah to bring you Book Boy Roulette, where we talked about some of our favorite boys from our favorite books. We had so much fun putting it together that we thought it’d be a great idea to do it again – only this time, we were going to talk about our book besties! Hannah is bowing out this round, but Kelly, Rachel and I are going to be talking about some of our favorite book gals. Don’t forget to go and see Rachel’s post and Kelly’s post for more!

SERIES #1: Travis Series

By now, I’m fairly certain you’re all familiar with my obsession with this Lisa Kleypas contemporary romance series. I honestly love all four of these heroines: Liberty, Haven, Ella and Avery. Each one of them is a girl I could relate to, for varying reasons, and I’m deeply devoted to them all. But Haven Travis, for me, is the shining star. Her story is heartbreaking yet hopeful, and I absolutely loved it. It was really nice to read about a character who had to really work towards her healing and personal growth, and Haven was a nice mix of strong and vulnerable. She also reminds me a little bit of my little sister, so that’s another bonus.

SERIES #2: Wallflowers Series

Wallflowers Series: Another Lisa Kleypas series in today’s post? Surprise, surprise! (But not really.) This is my favorite historical romance series from her. I really loved this tight-knit group of best friends – Annabelle, Lillian, Evie and Daisy. I feel like I’d fit right into their little group! But of them all, Evangeline Jenner is the one I would be best, best, best friends with. Her quiet, observant nature would really gel well with mine, and I’d also be able to relate to and understand her desire to fight for the things that she deems worth her while.

SERIES #3: Sevenwaters Series (First Trilogy)
Daughter of the Forest, Son of the Shadows, Child of the Prophecy

While I am fully aware that technically there are six books in this series, we’re only focusing on the first trilogy today – and the characters in question are Sorcha, Liadan and Fainne. Fainne was immediately eliminated as my favorite, as I found her story so frustrating. But I was otherwise torn between Liadan and Sorcha, who were both amazing characters. In the end, I just had to go with Sorcha. Her devotion to her brothers was seriously inspiring, and I admired her quiet strength and perseverance as she sacrificed all she could to save them. I felt such a kinship with her love and her loyalty and her nature, and I think she’s amazing.

Have you read any of these? If yes, who is your favorite gal?
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