April 3, 2016

The Sunday Mix (27)

It's been a while since I've done a links post! I've been slightly preoccupied recovering from whatever horrible illness had me in its clutches a little time ago, so there's that. I've also not been so caught up on my blog reading - until now. Here are some very excellent things I've discovered!
  • Do you ever hesitate to recommend your favorite reads to others? I know I do! Cait details the reasons why these books are so important to us, and why it can be daunting to put them forth as recommendations for other people. (I still get nervous every time.)
  • Zoe talks about ways to annoy a reader in one of the the cutest videos ever. I was thoroughly entertained by what she came up with, and her editing is so on point too. Definitely good for a laugh, even as she does talk truth! 
  • Gillian talks about being a visual reader. I'm not 100% like that as a reader, but if given the right book and the best descriptions (for me), I can actually see books that way in my head too. 
  • Rachel put together a delightful spring playlist, and I'm loving it. I am really enjoying this lovely weather we're having, and definitely want it to stay this nice!
  • I'm a William Shakespeare fan, and determined to reread the stuff I've enjoyed from him now that I'm an actual adult and have the resources to hopefully understand things better. Anyway, Hailey shared a helpful guide to Shakespeare and Philippa shared her introduction to Shakespeare, which are both helpful videos.
  • Cait talks about why you aren't getting comments on your blog. As always, her post is chock full of sound advice and written in a way that's totally Cait - and I enjoyed it! You might want to check out her post for tips.
  • If there's one thing I truly believe in, it's making sure to share your appreciation. And paying compliments when you think them. It's important to tell others these nice things, as Emma Gannon writes, and I felt like sharing her post because it's great!
  • Josephine shares ten ways you can acquire audiobooks. While I only usually listen to audiobooks for rereads (with one exception, and that was Winter), I have found that I actually quite like them for when I'm in the office and doing my job. I can somehow manage to focus on both the task and the story at the same time. Do you like audiobooks?
  • Cristina tackles the science of swooning. I do love being able to get really invested in the romances in the books I read. Like Cristina, it generally only happens for me if the guy in the book happens to be my type or the couple has characters I favor in my romances. What about you? How do you feel about romances in your reads?
Have you come across anything interesting online that you want to share?
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