April 6, 2016

Tracking Down Tunes: Our Life in Songs

We're back for Tracking Down Tunes! Lindsey of Bring My Books & I are teaming up on this collaboration, inspired by our mutual desire to broaden our musical horizons. Basically, we both listen to music the same way: we find a favorite artist or album or track and listen to it nonstop. In an effort to diversify the music we listen to, we decided it would be fun to go out of our way to listen to new songs - and that it would be even better if we could recommend stuff to each other. So, every month, we'll be sharing our monthly playlists (for the previous month) with all of you!

This month, we're doing something a little bit different than the previous two! Instead of doing half new-to-us tunes and half personal recommendations, we're going to be embracing a blast from the past. Lindsey and I are both digging up music that we loved as kids and teens and sharing them with each other and with all of you.

Now, let me warn you beforehand, I was 100% a pop music girl growing up, thanks to my parents and to my friends. I'm still mostly a pop girl now, but I've definitely got broader musical tastes! But telling you this is fair warning for the contents of the playlist choices that I'm about to reveal to you all below.

Wherever You Will Go / Coco Lee - This song will always and forever bring me back to long car rides with my dad. Her album was one of the two he always had playing (the other was by Gina G, if you wanted to know), and this is the song that I remember best.

It's All Coming Back / Celine Dion - On the other hand, this is the song that reminds me of car rides with my mom. We had the Celine CD on repeat, particularly when it was just us girls taking a ride, and I remember knowing all the lyrics to this at a really young age.

Wannabe / Spice Girls - How could I not include this song? Memorizing the lyrics and creating our very own dance to this tune with my sister is one of my favorite childhood memories, and I am always up for singing this during a karaoke session.

We've Got it Goin' On / Backstreet Boys - My parents actually went to see these guys on tour when they were brand new to the scene, and I've grown up with their music! I actually think it's really cool that my mom and sister and I were able to attend a concert together - and I still really love them.

5, 6, 7, 8 / Steps - I cannot tell you guys how many times I've done dance performances of this song -for family get-togethers, for school or just with my friends. I honestly will still start shimmying to it the moment I hear the beat; it's a Pavlovian response.

Sometimes / Britney Spears - I honestly have no shame and will say that I adored Britney Spears in her early days. Sometimes was my favorite to sing, and I still really like it a lot! (I have also performed this song for a family event, and it's on video somewhere...)

It's Gonna Be Me / NSYNC - Ah, my boy band phase intensifies! I really loved Bye, Bye, Bye, but it was this damn song that cemented my appreciation for NSYNC. It's so catchy, and it's so easy to get it stuck in your head. Plus, the video was A+ and still one of my favorites!

All You Wanted / Michelle Branch - This was the first ever song I sang in front of people I wasn't related to or close friends with! I actually sang it accompanied by a guitar for a school assembly. I had a (very brief) phase where I wanted to learn guitar after discovering Michelle Branch.

Bop Bop Baby / Westlife - The boy band phase is in full on operational mode now that I'm in high school! I was obsessed with these Irish lads, and I particularly loved their World of Our Own album. This song is just such a boy band tune; the video is also quite phenomenal, and I watched it a gazillion times.

Brighter / Paramore - I really got into Paramore in my early years at college, thanks to my college roommates. I would spend hours listening to their music, and I was particularly obsessed with nailing this tune! There was just something about the lyrics and the style of this song that really appealed to me on a whole other level.

You Raise Me Up / Josh Groban - Here's my bonus song, and it's a bit different! This song is one that I can now listen to with fondness and true joy, but for a long time, it was the song that reminded me of my grandfather (who has passed away). I miss him every day. But this song will always be one I associate with my college years and with him.

Do you like any of these songs? What are the songs that basically are part of your life?


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