October 26, 2015

Book Boy Roulette

Once upon a time, we were all texting about the men of Sarah J. Maas. As you might know, it's almost impossible to choose a favorite... but we definitely each have one. In arguing our case, we realized how much fun it was to compare our taste in book boys. And so, we bring you Book Boy Roulette

Rachel & I are collaborating with our friends Hannah & Kelly to present a collection of our favorite book boys. We're looking at several series with some seriously swoonworthy guys and forcing ourselves to pick ONE favorite from each. There are 12 series total - three on each of our blogs - and we'll share why we picked our favorites for the three series featured on our post. And we want to hear from you! Do you agree with our choices... or does another fella have your heart?

SERIES #1: Highland Lairds
BOOKS IN THE SERIES: The Secret + Ransom

There are technically only two books in this series, but there do happen to be three amazing guys in it, all of whom will try (and most likely succeed) at winning your heart: Iain Maitland, Brodick Buchanan and Ramsey Sinclair. While I love Iain and Ramsey, it's really Brodick who I'm head over heels crushing on. He's gruff and tough, but he's got a big old heart filled with love underneath that exterior. I admire his ability to fight and protect, but I also loved that he was willing to lay himself bare when important things (*cough* Gillian *cough*) were on the line.

SERIES #2: Foreign Love Stories

I read my first Karina Halle novel this year, and quickly devoured the rest of this particular set of companion novels. I love the way she's written such different stories with such exotic settings (Spain, New Zealand and Capri), but I also love the variety of men she whips up for readers to love: Mateo Casalles, Josh Miles and Derio Larosa. While I do love Derio Larosa, and I though Mateo was pretty hot, Josh is the one who I was drawn to. There's a vulnerability to him, particularly as he's not quite sure what he wants to do. And I love that he's got an artist's heart and soul!

SERIES #3: A Court of Thorns and Roses
BOOKS IN THE SERIES: A Court of Thorns + Roses

Let's be honest: Sarah J. Maas sure knows how to write hot men into her novels. This was definitely the case with her Fae court men from this series: Tamlin of the Spring Court, Rhysand of the Night Court and Lucien of the Autumn Court. They all have their own appeal, for sure. Tamlin is the vibrant, golden leader of his people; Rhysand is his dark, mysterious opposite. Lucien, however, is the one who won my heart, with his loyalty and his wit. I can't wait to read more about him in the next book!

Before I wrap up, here's one last question I need to answer:
Who is your #1 book boyfriend?

It took me until this year to realize that there was one book boyfriend I held above all others, and it's Sam from the Incarnate series. I harbor so much love for Sam, for his creative mind and sensitive heart, for his ability with musical instruments and his expression of his story through song. He's an incredible individual, going above and beyond to be there for Ana, in spite of the repercussions that could await him and the fear of the unknown. What's not to love about someone who is brave, devoted, passionate and creative?  

Have you read any of these? If yes, who is your favorite boy?
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  1. I love Iain and Brodick....fabulous choice of book boyfriends.

  2. I am so with you on Lucien! I definitely ship Feyre with Rhys just so I can have Lucien to myself!

  3. I ADORE Iain Maitland. I do love Brodick and Ramsey too, but Iain just gets to me every time. I'm wondering, have you ever read Maya Banks' historical romances? I recently did and they are so good. I think you might enjoy them since you like Julie Garwood. Never Seduce a Scot is soooo freaking amazing.

  4. I've only read ACOTAR and as much as I love Lucien (and can't wait to learn more about him too!) I am a Tamlin girl through and through :) I haven't read the other series; I'm not sure if I could ever love a character named Ramsey after meeting Ramsay Snow in Game of Thrones. *shudders* But it sounds like you picked the best guy from each series!

    Oh man, ultimate book boyfriend! I'm really not sure if I can choose. But my latest book boyfriend would be Ezra from First & Then. I love how loyal he is and how much he pays attention underneath the surface. It's really all the Darcy qualities that I love about him!

  5. Such a fun feature! Y'all are always so awesome when it comes to collaborative posts like this! I haven't read Julie Garwood's or Karina Halle's books unfortunately, just ACOTAR which I LOVE. Could never choose between Lucien, Tamlin and Rhys because they're all wonderful book boyfriends but I think I'd ship Rhys with myself since Tamlin totally belongs with Feyre and Lucien is obviously yours ;) SO need to read the Incarnate series so I can meet Sam!

  6. Interesting to see who everyone picked for A court of thorns and roses. I'm really torn between Lucien and Tamlin :)


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