March 25, 2016

Tunes & Tales: Pentatonix

Thanks to Macky, I have developed a healthy appreciation for the band Pentatonix. I'm obsessed with what brilliant vocalists they are, and it's seriously still amazing to me to know that they're solely an a capella group. How freaking cool is that? Anyway, I've fallen head over heels in love with many of the covers that they've released over the years. But they released an album full of all original tunes late last year, and I seriously loved it too! I decided it was high time for me to talk about them today.

VIBE: clever melodies, solid vocals, catchy tunes
WHY: Because it is the coolest thing to hear people make music using only their own voices!
TRY: Misbehavin' is my favorite, favorite, favorite song.

I know where the greener grass grows
You'll just have to follow
To the other side
Lets go tiptoe on a tight rope
Fallings only natural
Just spread your wings and fly

Can't Sleep Love / My Life Next Door
Somebody wake up my heart
Light me up
Set fire to my soul, yeah (Uh huh)
'Cause' I can't do it anymore (Yeah)
Gimme that can't sleep love
(Gimme that can't sleep)
I want that can't sleep love
(Gimme that can't sleep)
The kind I dream about all day
The kind that keeps me up all night
Gimme that can't sleep love

Sing / Jesse's Girl
Get up and dance, just feel that beat and sing it (whoa, sing)
I don't know what you've been told
But music make you lose control
Sing, sing, sing, sing
Sing it out as hard as you can
Make 'em hear from L.A. to japan
Don't let 'em bring you down
This is how we do it now

Misbehavin' / The Mistake
Oh, but I know that I
Can be wild sometimes
Oh, but I never lie
'Cause I'm yours, you're mine
But I ain't misbehaving, no
I ain't misbehaving tonight

Maybe I got just a little too much pride
To let you back into my life
You think I miss you, not yet, not yet
Baby, you thought about what you put me through
A sorry is long overdue
You want it again, I bet, I, I, I bet

First Things First / Crash Into You
Hold up, slow down, take a breath
Running and you don't know why
Once you learn how to build your own track
It'll take you to the finish line
Fame, money and the VIP
That don't mean nothing to me
Not saying you should work for free
Just don't forget how to love

Rose Gold / Under the Lights
Like a map, the story of our lives
Couldn't fit in only black and white
If it's true that legends never die
Me and you could stand the test of time
We could be timeless, we could be classic
We could be stars, we could be rose gold, rose gold

If I Ever Fall in Love / Dirty Deeds
If I say that I can be your one and only
Promise that you'll never leave me lonely
I just wanna be the one you need
I just wanna be the one who serves you
Sometime I feel as if I don't deserve you
I cherish every moment that we share

Cracked / After I Do
Your halo's gone and all I see is horns
And a heart that's still intact
But mine's cracked (oh, oh, oh)

Water / Nash
Timid heart, hide my scars
Make me stronger
I can't take this any longer
I need, I need you like water

Take Me Home / Brown-Eyed Girl 
You, you light up in the dark
You're the glowing and priceless work of art
I see, I see your shining star
You're the light through my window from afar

New Year's Day / Proof of Forever
We could be kings of the world
On top of the nation
It's a celebration of the moments to come
The city's on fire
We're holding up lighters
Raising them higher and we've only begun
Take me all the way (oh)
Hear me when I say (yeah)
Let's kiss the past away
Like New Year's Day

Light in the Hallway / A Little Princess
Close your eyes, lay your head down
Now it's time to sleep
May you find great adventure
As you lie and dream
If you're scared of the darkness
I will calm your fear
There's a light in the hallway
So you know I'm here
So count your blessings every day
It makes the monsters go away
And everything will be okay
You are not alone
You are right at home
Goodnight, goodnight


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