March 11, 2016

Screens & Scenes: Season Binges + Stage Shows

I apparently enjoy watching television during the winter season, you guys. I guess the appeal of having a show I can binge on a regular basis (in the case of "on demand" ones) is just really something I am loving right now. Anyway, here are a few thoughts on the television shows I've watched this past February!

Ouran High School Hosts Club (S1) - New obsession alert! I haven't really binge watched a new (to me) anime in a long time. But when my lovely friend Kristin told me about this show, I just had to give it a shot. I ended up completely hooked on this wacky, clever, fun, sweet show all about Haruhi, a gal who is forced to become a part of an all-boys host club when she breaks a priceless vase they were going to auction for charity. (So anime, right?) Now, all the boys do as hosts are live out exaggerated versions of stereotypes that girls absolutely love, and just give them a lovely afternoon's experience after classes. It's just such an adorable show! I got super invested in each and every member of the host club, and I loved their relationships with one another. Plus, I think it has surprisingly smart commentary on the types of tropes that appear in it. Very enjoyable, and I'm so excited that there's going to be another season. (I'm also planning to check out the manga!)

Doctor Who (S9) - Guess who has officially caught up with Doctor Who? This girl! I can't believe that I've finally seen the latest episode (!!!!! is my only reaction to it, by the way) and I'm officially just as up-to-date as all of you Whovians. (I also love that I got my best friend Danica just as obsessed with it.) It's seriously such a smart show, one that really works the head and the heart all at once and I can't help enjoying myself tremendously whenever I watch an episode. While this isn't my favorite season, I still have a special spot in my heart for this Doctor and for Clara Oswald. (Also, related but not related, I love Clara's wardrobe.)

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (S2) - My favorite lady detective has returned, and this season is even more spectacular than the first! Phryne is just as fabulous, with even more of her wit, sass and smarts coming into play with every case she gets on. And our favorite secondary characters - Dot and Hugh, Mr. Butler and Burt and Cec - are back as well. Obviously, it includes Jack, whose relationship with Phryne just gets even more tantalizing and wonderful and slow burning and swoony. I was literally screaming at them to kiss (as I did in season 1, so no change there) and finally admit they really loved each other, and ugh, I have so many feelings. Again, the cases in this season were so fascinating and varied in setting and motive and suspects. I loved it!

The Secret Garden - I have always had a soft spot for Mary Lennox. I read this classic as a child, and returned to it (and A Little Princess) time and again. I'd never seen the actual musical before, and though this was only a concert version, it was still spectacular! The way they staged it was really wonderful, the music was vibrant and haunting and the cast was incredible. I was particularly happy to get to see Ramin Karimloo (as Uncle Archibald Craven) perform, as I'd missed his run in Les Miserables. I'm so glad we ended up seeing this show for our anniversary/Valentine's Day date!

And that's it! Again, my media consumption was primarily of the television variety. It's just a fun form of escapism for me, particularly when I find excellent shows to latch on to and enjoy as sheer entertainment. Have you been watching the same shows as I do? Any new show recommendations for me?


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