January 3, 2016

Flights of Fantasy Book Club #1: Robin McKinley

Last year's turnout for Flights of Fantasy was incredible. We're so thankful to each and every single person who signed up last year, and we're so excited to be welcoming returning and new participants for 2016! (You can sign up here!) Before we go talk about our new book club, here are the winners of the Flights of Fantasy 2015 giveaway:

Congratulations Bruna at Bruna Writes & Aleksandra at Aleksandra's Corner!

Congratulations! Please check your email, as you should've received one from us :)

We mentioned in the 2016 sign-up post that we had decided to add a few new things to this challenge. One of these thing is a bi-monthly book club! We actually created it as a way to encourage ourselves to read new (to us) fantasy authors, but we are excited to be inviting you to join in! There's no official read-along dates, but the plan is basically to tackle a new series every other month and host a discussion every other month after reading.

This month, we'll be reading the Damar series by Robin McKinley, which includes two books: The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword. Based on what I've read about both, they actually appear to be companion novels. The first is about Aerin, the daughter of a witchwoman and a king, a girl who discovers the the power her mother wielded would bring about her destiny - a destiny dedicated to serving her homeland. The second novel is about Harry, an orphan girl who becomes heir to the Blue Sword that Aerin wielded once in the past. I'm very excited to get started on these books (as they sound right up my alley)!

Will you be joining us in reading these books this month?
Have you read either of these books before?


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