January 26, 2016

Bon Voyage: In All of Time & Space, Where Would You Go?

I'm so excited to be dedicating an entire week on the blog to celebrate the fabulous novel Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. It's a time travel novel like nothing I've ever read before, written with Alex's fabulous storytelling skills, and I'm head over heels in love with it! Rachel of Hello Chelly and I are going to be sharing posts inspired by the novel all week. Today, we're sharing which place and time we'd most like to visit if we had the ability to travel through time! (Don't forget to check out Rachel's post to see where and when she'd go!) (Also, don't forget to go and enter the giveaway!)

I've always been fascinated by history. While I never did end up getting a minor in history when I was still in school, I would often find myself reading historical fiction and non-fiction. I was this close to choosing the time of the last Romanovs or the time of the American pioneers as my answer, but in the end, I settled for the time and era close to my heart: Regency England.

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Ever since I first encountered my first novel set in this period (I believe it was a romance, but I don't actually remember which one it was!), I've always associated romance and glamour with it all. The idea of wearing such elaborate outfits, attending balls and soirees, and learning all manner of things (depending on what sort of family you had) was just lovely to me. I always envisioned myself in one of those dresses, being whirled around at a ball, or getting invited to tea. I'm honest enough to admit that I would probably chafe at the restrictions set on the ladies during that time, so it's a good thing I'm only time traveling for a quick visit! (P.S. - I've actually written about Regency England before.)

And there you have it, the time period and location I would most like to see if I had the ability to travel through time. (Alternatively, I could always find a Doctor with a TARDIS and travel with him for a while... But that's a post for another day.) Where would you go if you could time travel?

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