January 15, 2016

ALA Midwinter 2016 (+ Book Haul)

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of making the trip up to Boston to attend ALA Midwinter with my BFF Rachel. It's a book conference similar to Book Expo America (BEA), but primarily geared towards librarians and educators. I was thrilled that everything fell into place so that I could attend this year. And I've gotta say, friends, I enjoyed it tremendously! While I'll always adore BEA (because it's still the biggest conference I've attended, as well as the source of many fond memories), ALA is something special. It just feels different. Everything feels a lot more relaxed, people are a lot less tense and hasty, and it was easy to just take the time to wander and explore and talk to people. I got to pick up quite a few amazing books (which I'll talk about later on), meet a couple of lovely authors, and see a bunch of my favorite bloggers!

Apart from actually visiting the exhibits at ALA Midwinter, Rachel & I also spent some time wandering around Boston. We got to visit the Boston Public Garden, two bookstores (Trident Booksellers & Cafe and Brookline Booksmith, both recommendations from Gaby), two great restaurants (Parish Cafe and Bar, Alden & Harlow), and three coffee/dessert spots (Amorino Gelato, Crema Cafe & Mike's Pastry). It was really fun to get a chance to see some new spots in Boston! It was also just great to spend more time with Rachel, whether it was long chats in our hotel room or singing along to our playlist in the car trip to and from Boston.

Of course, visiting a book conference and a new city together meant we were going to go home with books. I'm quite happy with what I managed to pick up during my one day on the floor at ALA Midwinter! Check out the video below for details on what I picked up last weekend.

Have you ever been to a book conference? If you have, tell me about your experience!
If you haven't, do you want to go to a book conference one day?
Also, let me know which books you're excited about!


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