September 11, 2015

Tunes & Tales: Jana Kramer

Here's a fun fact for you - I loved One Tree Hill. It was one of my favorite TV shows while it was still running (even though I started it when it was already a few seasons in) and I stayed with it till the end (though S01-S05 are the ones I love most). Jana Kramer portrays Alex, an actress who works with Brooke for Clothes Over Bros, and also happens to be a screenwriter. Alex eventually also pursues a music career - which is something Jana did in real life, releasing her self-titled debut album in 2012. I only really took the time to listen to Jana's album this summer, but it quickly became one of my favorites to put on repeat!

 VIBE: country, with pop and rock undertones
WHY: Sweet vocals + clever lyrics + catchy melodies
TRY: My favorite song at the moment is Why Ya Wanna. There's definitely a story in that one!

Good Time Comin' On / Love & Chaos
Oh yeah, that’s my song
Turn it up and sing along
Trouble’s gonna melt away
Once we get to doing our thing
Yeah, I feel like a good time comin’ on
Hey y’all what you say
We get this party started
We’ve got all we need to have some fun
Right now it’s all about tonight and not tomorrow
I feel like a good time comin’ on

I Hope It Rains / First & Then
Don't get me wrong, now I hope she's really the one.
And if it's love you know I wish you the best.
You'll probably have yourself an outside wedding,
Violins, all our friends, and her in her pretty white dress.
And right before that first kiss...
I hope it rains on you,
Maybe a little bit of lightning too.
And I hope it comes a flood, lots of mud,
Messin' up your whole day.

Why Ya Wanna / What I Thought Was True
I wish you had on sunglasses to cover up those blue eyes
I wish you said something mean to make me glad that you said goodbye
Why can't you look off somewhere if you catch me staring at you
Why can't you be cold like any old good ex would do
Why you wanna
Show up in a old t-shirt that I love
Why you gotta tell me that I'm looking good
Don't know what
You were thinkin'
You were doing
Moving in for a hug
Like you don't know I'm coming unglued
Why you gotta
Why you wanna
Make me keep wanting you

Goodbye California / Nowhere But Home
I love the southern moonlight
I love them lemon moon pies
I love the sweet cherry wine, oh
I like the tiny town we’re in
Love it when the preacher says amen
Love me a gentle southern man[...]
I like boots, you, your drunk tattoo
Drivin’ in the country when the daffodils bloom
I like your mustang, your sexy hot twang
Country fried chicken is a beautiful thing

Whiskey / Rome
Hit me so hard like a rock through a window.
I knew I was in trouble from the moment I met you, boy.
Shoulda just called it like I saw it.
Shoulda just called for help and ran like hell that day.
The burn and the sting, and the high, and the heat, 
And the "left-me-wanting-more" feeling when he kissed me.
I shoulda just called him "Whiskey"

Over You By Now / Another Day
Instead of wasting all that time
I could've been two wheels up
I could've been hard-heeled strong
This could've been my last tear
You could've been so long gone.
I wouldn't be lost like this
I wouldn't be breaking down
I would've been over you by now.

One of the Boys / Asa
Gimme a ball cap with blue Levi’s
I’m hangin’ with Jack and Jim and raisin’ ‘em high
I’m might just flirt if I see something I like
Yeah I’m just one of the boys tonight

What I Love About Your Love / Brown-Eyed Girl
You lean shoulder
And it's over and done
Ain't nothing like the feeling of finding that one
It's the piece of the puzzle
Ain't no doubt about it
It's a good kind of trouble
That's what I love about your love
Knocks me off my feet
Takes me on a trip to another galaxy 
Smacks me with a smile
Longer than a country mile
Get's my heart runnin' 
Like a river runnin' wild
I can never get enough 
That's what I love about your love

When You're Lonely / Life By Committee
I've made that mistake, I've let you crawl back in,
Now I don't have the heart to fall for you again
You only want me when you're lonely
You only call me when you're down
You only want me when you're lonely,
But you can't have me now

King of Apology / This Ordinary Life
Baby you're the king of apology
Baby, save your breath
For the pretty little thing you've been runnin' around with
I'm done forgivin', I'm tired of listenin'
To all your lies
Baby you're out of a one-more-try's
I'm packin' my bags, I'm sayin' goodbye

Good As You Were Bad / We'll Always Have Summer
They say you remember the past
Better than it really was
But there was a time when it really was
So good
I could handle this pain, forget your name
If you hadn't loved me like you had
Why'd you have to be as good as you were bad

I Won't Give Up / Queen of Shadows
You need someone who knows you from the inside out
The way I do
I seen you walk the wire never looking down
I believe in you
I will be by your side
If ever you fall deep in the dead of the night
And I won’t give up
No, I won’t give up
I won’t give up
You can call it love
But I won’t give up on you


  1. THE FACT THAT YOU PAIRED QoS WITH "I Won't Give Up" IS PERFECT!! That's my favorite Jana song!!

    Also if you ever get the chance to see her live, definitely do so!! She sounds a whole lot better live than she does recorded. Also she's really nice (she played my local Fair, so I was able to score meet and greet).

  2. I LOVED OTH. Def a fave series, despite the latter seasons, which I didn't really watch, lol. I never got around to checking out her music, but you've got me wanting to.

  3. I absolutely love this entire post!! I can't get enough of Jana Kramer, so pairing her up with books just gave me new books for my tbr that I'm positive I'll love!

  4. I need to check her cd out, it sounds like something I would love! I was soooooo into One Tree Hill and definitely remember Alex! I stopped watching around season 7 but ugh, that show <3 Love the song pairs!

  5. I didn't know Jana had been on One Tree Hill! Granted, I didn't make it past season 2ish, but that's so cool. I LOVE her music, though I still haven't checked out her whole album (and must remedy that asap). Love how you paired her songs with books. So fun. :)


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