September 30, 2015

September 2015

It's the last day of September today, and I feel, well, stunned. It seems like I was just bidding my birthday month adieu very recently, and now I'm bidding yet another month goodbye. Ah, well, you know what they say: time flies when you're having fun. And fun was certainly had this month! There's no denying that.

I did a lot of things during September, really, and I'm fortunate to say so. I attended book events - specifically the launch event for Queen of Shadows, and the launch event for After You. My parents-in-law came into town for two weeks, and we went on a few adventures together (including another trip to Cape Cod). I visited the Met, and had movie marathons with my best friend Danica too. I went on many ice cream runs (Rachel talks about the places we visited). All in all, quite the productive month!

Of the 14 books and 2 graphic novels I read this month, my top reads were:



  1. That ice cream looks soooo good. YUM.
    I still need to read Walk on Earth a Stranger. So glad to see you loved it. :)

  2. 14 books read is a serious effort :)

  3. I always love the pictures you share. I am so glad September was a great month for you. I too feel like time is flying by but it seems like you are making the most of it :) I hope October is just as good if not better! xoxo


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