September 26, 2015

Screens & Scenes: August-September 2015

I've watched way more television than I ever expected to in August and September, especially considering how busy my real life has been! But there was apparently enough time to sneak in a decent amount of screen time. I'm most excited about how I'm now officially a Doctor Who fan; I have a lot of catching up to do, and I plan to savor every single minute!

Doctor Who (S2) / Wreck-It Ralph / Teen Wolf (S3)


Wreck-It Ralph (trailer) - How have I never watched this film before? It is so cute, and so clever, and so heartwarming. I adored getting to know Ralph, and I loved Vanellope even more! Plus, the story itself is just so fun too. I'm so, so happy that I finally got a chance to watch this.

Jupiter Ascending (trailer) - I cannot tell you guys how many snarky comments were made during the viewing of this film. (There were a lot.) Even if I did make fun of a big chunk of the film, I also think that there was something interesting in the lore behind it all.

The Prophet (trailer) - I haven't yet read the book that this film was inspired by, but boy, I had so many feels while I watched this animated beauty. The wisdom and advice that Kahlil Gibran shared with the world is translated in such a lovely, thoughtful way, and I appreciated the artistry tremendously.


The Legend of Korra (S2-S4) (promo / promo / promo) - I have no words for how impressed I was by how the story continued to twist and turn, and the characters continued to grow, as I binged the rest of this show. I will forever and always be amazed by how many interwoven plots exist, and how the writers are extremely capable storytellers.

Teen Wolf (S2-S5) (promo / promo / promo / promo) - I watched an episode every now and again while Macy was watching the first season, so I sort of had a handle on what was happening. But somehow, I got sucked into the drama (and into watching Dylan O'Brien), and found myself getting invested in the gang and what was happening in their lives.

Doctor Who (S1-S2) (promo / promo) - WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO WATCH THIS SHOW? I seriously need to pay more attention when people are raving about something. I can't even describe just how much I feel for this show. The acting is incredible, the story is so compelling and I just love that it's a mix of genres while remaining perfectly British. I can't wait to watch more!


  1. Ahh I'm so glad you're enjoying Doctor Who! My favourite Doctor was Matt Smith (comes in series 5) because he was really the one that made me fall in love with the show but I know most people adore David Tennat too. I hope you enjoy the rest of it C:

  2. So glad you're loving Teen Wolf. It's my fave and I just got a fandom shirt for it a while ago. So excited to wear it (and see if people recognize it lol)!

  3. You’ve seen a lot of shows. I rarely watch TV nowadays.

  4. That is how it always happen—get suck into watching Teen Wolf because of Dylan O'Brien. That entire world is so fascinating, and I just want more ladiesssss kicking ass.


  5. Yay to starting Dr. Who!! Ever season just keeps getting better.

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  7. Ahh you have the best things on this list and I'm so excited for you!!! Wreck-It Ralph is one of my favorite Disney films and I especially love the Paperman short before it. It's so beautiful! I was really iffy about seeing Jupiter Ascending (especially since I felt like they told the entire story in the trailer) but if it pops up on Netflix I will probably check it out. I'm also really excited to dive into Legend of Korra because I loved Avatar so much! I think I would definitely be a water bender. Also, Doctor Who!!!! Just wait until you get to the Matt Smith / Amy & Rory Pond seasons. They're my favorite ever!

  8. I loved Legend of Korra! I'm so excited that they decided to do graphic novels like they did for Avatar. I just can't get enough of this world!!

  9. I haven't watch Doctor Who but I'm planning to! I'm glad you like Teen Wolf, it's one of my favorites TV Show.

    Tasya @ The Literary Huntress


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