August 17, 2015

Cinderella Book Tag

I've been meaning to do the Cinderella Book Tag for ages, ever since my friend Tiffany of About to Read tagged me in her original post. I'm terrible at keeping track of tags, however, and only recently stumbled across the folder where I'd bookmarked this post in order to remember to share it on my own blog. (#fail) Anyway, since I found it recently, I decided I'd make up for lost time and share my answers for her really cute Cinderella-themed tag!

Without further ado, here are the questions:

Evil Stepsisters | A book with characters you just hate 
The book that immediately came to mind for this category was Child of the Prophecy, which I read earlier this year. That read was a struggle for me, even though I really liked the plot. It was mainly my issues with the main character that had me dragging my feet as I read it, though I still think the experience was worth it just to find out how Marillier ends that trilogy.

Prince Charming | A book with a gentleman 
One of my all-time favorite romances from is Castles, which features a lovely romance between sweet, stubborn Alesandra and gruff gentleman Colin. I really enjoyed reading their story, particularly because of their conversations. As always, Garwood integrates an extremely fun, clever plot apart from the romance, and I always enjoy revisiting it.

Cinderella | A character that is graceful, kind and defiant 
This one was a no-brainer - Sara Crewe from A Little Princess! I've always admired this girl. Even when her circumstances were terrible, even when it seemed liked she'd lost everything, she was always so good and so generous. Her imagination was something no one could take away from her, and I admired her tenacity and stubbornness as she clung to it and to hope. (I haven't reviewed this novel ever, but I did recommend it for Hannah's Consider This Classic feature!)

Fairy Godmother | A character that always has someone looking out for them 
Even when she felt like she was alone, even when she wondered about her own life and destiny, Annith from Mortal Heart actually had someone guiding her, consoling her, caring about her. I really do love how LaFevers chose to tell Annith's tale; it's unexpected, but marvelously wonderful and I may have shed a tear or two.

Helpful Creatures | Something that makes you happy when you're sad 
Anytime I'm looking for comfort, I always prepare a cup of tea (chamomile or Lady Grey are my current favorites), grab a blanket and curl up with a historical romance. I usually go for ones that I've read and loved before; a few favorites are Devil in Winter, Ransom and Castles. If I'm not in the mood to read, I'll go for a romantic comedy; a few favorites are 27 Dresses, 13 Going on 30 and Bride Wars.

Ashes | A book you didn't care for 
Earlier this year, I talked myself into finishing Positively Beautiful. While this novel did have promising elements, I felt like the pacing could have been altered and the plot could have been pared down to focus heavily on the essential bits of the story. I know other people enjoyed this novel, but I unfortunately, just did not.

Pumpkin | A character with a transformation 
It really is remarkable to witness how Elisa from The Girl of Fire and Thorns changes from start to finish. Everything she experiences, each moment she bears witness to, leads to a monumental shift in her - physically, mentally and emotionally. She begins the series as a girl, a princess unsure of her purpose and her own destiny; she finishes with a strong sense of who she is, what's she capable of; she finishes as a queen.

Impossible | A book with an ending you didn't see coming 
I will never forget the first (and only) time I read Mockingjay. I started the novel at three in the morning, adrenaline high from the end of its predecessor, and I read straight on until five, sobbing even before I hit the finish. I did not know what to expect of this series finale going into it, but it had me feeling raw and open and completely bowled over.

Just Breathe | Something that inspires you to be courageous 
Just recently, I did an audio reread of The Assassin's Blade, and it is in this set of novellas where, chronologically, we first encounter one of the most well-known lines from this series: "I will not be afraid." The line is so simple, yet it is so powerful. I use it as a constant reminder when I'm faced with uncomfortable or scary things, and it encourages me deeply.

Happily Ever After | A book with a perfect ending 
I love the way that Infinite brings the Newsoul series to a close. It seriously manages to tie up all the loose plot ends, brings us into close contact with all our favorite characters and stays so true to the core of the series itself. I love this series so, so much, and recommend it every chance I get.

And there you have it, my answers for the Cinderella Book Tag! Thank you for tagging me, Tiffany! Now it's my turn to tag people - Hannah, Rachel & Morgan, you're it!


  1. I love all the Julie Garwood love. She is one of my go-to authors when I need some comfort reads. I love Castles and Ransom so much. And The Secret. I just adore The Secret. And of course Devil in Winter!

    Elisa is a great pick for a character transformation! This is a fun tag.

  2. I need to get that Julie Garwood book - I've never read it!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  3. This is super cute!!!! I might steal this to do just because! ;)

    Love it!!

  4. Ohhh I LOVE that you chose Mortal Heart - I never would have thought of that myself, but it's perfect! Devil in Winter is a go-to book for me, too, and I love the ending of Infinite!

  5. Stunning post Alexa :D Eeek. So many awesome books :) Thank you for making this awesome post and sharing about all these books :)

  6. Thanks for doing the tag! Mockingjay is one of those books that will stay with me forever. My fearless quote is "Be Brave" from the Divergent series - I actually had it engraved on a necklace, And I love the new soul series, but I haven't read Infinite yet. I know, what's wrong with me??? I feel like I am the worst at reading the last book in a series.

  7. So much agree with Mortal Heart! LOVED that book and you're right, Annith always had someone watching out for her. And romantic comedies also make me happy, and I watch them if I just need a pick-me-up and don't want to read. Love all 3 of the movies you chose there. Unfortunately I was spoiled for the two major character deaths in Mockinjay before I read it, but the ending was still pretty shocking. And oh, I still have only read Throne of Glass but I love that quote. SO empowering!

  8. I agree about Mortal Heart. It was such a powerful conclusion to an amazing series. Elisa is always one of the characters I look up to when it comes to change/development.


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