August 21, 2015

Tunes & Tales: Unbreakable Smile

I really took notice of Tori Kelly after seeing her open for Ed Sheeran's Madison Square Garden show last year. Her compelling tone, whip smart lyrics and fun personality really appealed to me, and I've been listening to her stuff ever since then. Rachel was the one who alerted me to her latest album Unbreakable Smile, which was released on June 23, 2015. It's a great collection of original tunes, and I've been listening to it on repeat for a while now! 

VIBE: soulful pop with excellent vocals
WHY: If you like powerful voices and smart lyrics, Tori's album is for you.
TRY: My favorite track at the moment is First Heartbreak!

Where I Belong // Amplified
I'm just a girl and her guitar
Trying to give you my whole heart
If there's anybody out there listening to me
All I have is a story and a dream
Here I am, and that's all I can be

Unbreakable Smile // Under the Lights
Somebody told me fame is a disease
You start singing the blues when you start seeing the green
But I think it's all about what you choose
The way you live your life, depends on you

Nobody Love // Scorched
I should be more cynical and tell myself it’s not okay
(To feel this good when I’m with you)
I try my best to fight it, say I hate you but I always stay

Expensive // The Royal We
'Cause you kiss me like I'm dreamin'
Like I'm one in a million
And I think it's time your figured it out, oooh
'Cause I know I got that somethin'
And it won't cost you nothin'
I already feel expensive enough
Turn that gold into dust

Should've Been Us // Jet
Back and forth like a tug of war
What's it all for, do I want it back
I still got a little flame for ya
Even though you drove me mad
Now and then, I pretend
That it's you when I close my eyes
You got yours, I got mine
But I wonder where you are tonight

First Heartbreak // Rowdy
'Cause for the first time I get worried
When I'm lookin' in your eyes
That one day you might leave me
And it keeps me up at night
I guess that means I really love you

I Was Made For Loving You // The Heart of Betrayal
I was made for loving you
Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through
Every bone screaming I don't know what we should do
All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you

City Dove // Legend
City dove, fly between the buildings and fences
Soft inside but rough on the edges
Waiting here for something to come just holdin' on
City dove, fly between the stars and the headlights
Passin' by the clouds and the street signs
Knowing that there's something to come, just holdin' on

Talk // Firewalker
People run, people walk
But they don't ever see past the world that they're in
So if it's talk that you want from me then maybe you should let me in

Funny - Live // Something Real
'Cause the same ones that shun you
are the same ones that love you
the same words that break you
are the same words that shape you
the same rules that blind you
are the same rules that guide you

Art of Letting You Go // Better Off Friends
We were just little kids, we were ambiguous
My crush was serious, it's crazy how
As we were growing up, I could just set you up
But it just wasn't love, I guess the stars
Never aligned for us, life just snuck up on us
You got a girlfriend and stuff, feelings are bottled up
Hide 'em in this song, take the key and lock it up

California Lovers // Anne & Henry
Even if it was only small talk
You always knew the right thing to say, uh
Maybe I was just being stupid
For thinking that my first love would last, uh-uh
Even though it ended in heartache
Sometimes I wanna go back

Falling Slow // Pushing the Limits
What if I messed up? Would you give up on us?
Would you tear the page out like it never ever happened?
What if I told you you're doing fine? Stay cool
Swear I'll make it worthwhile, baby
You should know I'm always falling slow in love
Slow in love
Falling slow in love

Anyway // Nowhere But Here
My heads full of dreams
And I feel like livin' them
While you're messin' with perfection
Inspiration's what I'm chasin'
And take it or leave it babe
I'm not gonna change
If you don't understand I don't need you anyway


  1. I love this post! I've heard so much about Tori Kelly but I've never really looked into her but now I might have a go! Awesome post :)

  2. I love these posts because it combines two things I love: music and books. I admit I've never listened to Troi Kelly but since I adore half the books on this list and completely agree with the lyrics for them I know I'm going to be giving her a listen. I think the lyrics for Nowhere But Here and Amplified are so spot on it's a little bit scary.

  3. I LOVED THIS! I also looked up her album and good! Thank you for the tuney rec <3

  4. This post is gooorgeous Alexa :D So much love for it! You are awesome :) I have never heard any songs by Tori Kelly before. But now I am very curious about her. Must check her out :) Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3


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