In Your Wildest Dreams

July 14, 2015

Note: This was not my ticket, but rather my friend Danica's ticket!

Have you ever built up your expectations of what something was going to be like and had the actual event surpass your wildest imaginings? Well, that happened to me just last Saturday night. I attended one of the best concerts I've ever seen in my life, to put it bluntly. After years of being a fan, beginning back when I was still living in the Philippines, the timing finally fell into place for me to be able to catch Taylor Swift on tour this year. And it was seriously the most incredible, unforgettable, indescribable experience!

After opening acts Shawn Mendes, Haim and Vance Joy played their sets, after the sun had set and the sky had darkened, the show began. And what an incredible show it was! Taylor is, without a doubt, one of the most charismatic, lovely people ever. She has the ability to make a crowd of 65,000 fans seem like an intimate group, speaking with utter confidence and with the best intentions. 

She performed the tracks off her latest (and first full pop) album 1989 (which I'm obsessed with), as well as a few oldies (You Belong With Me, Love Story, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble) that she put a new spin on to match her new sound. With fun stage set-ups, great outfits, cute dance moves, and some really special guests, she seriously was a joy to watch from start to finish. I was up on my feet, dancing and singing and screaming the whole time, delighting in hearing all my favorite tunes performed live.

The night ended with a fun impromptu stadium dance party to Shake It Off, everyone on their feet, wristbands pulsing light in time to the beat, lyrics being sung (or screamed), punctuated with fireworks at the very end. It was just one of the happiest, freest moments I've had all year, and I will never, ever forget it. I'm so glad I was able to see her on the 1989 World Tour, and even happier I was able to share the experience with my sister Mel.

Thank you, Taylor. It was one incredible night, and for the rest of my life, I will treasure it.

(On a semi-related note, Macky & I are such huge Taylor Swift fans that we used her song Fearless for our pre-nuptial video. If you've never seen it before, you can find it here.)


  1. Danielle @ Love at First PageJuly 14, 2015 at 2:42 AM

    Isn't it funny that the first thing I notice isn't the ticket but the stadium? That's my team's home turf!!! :D
    But it looks like you had a great time! I wish I could go to one of her concerts. I love her so much. And you looked so pretty! <3

  2. Kristin @ Simply BookishThingsJuly 14, 2015 at 4:56 AM

    WOW! Her concert looks so incredible! :D one day if she ever decides to come to my side of the world, I'll be there! ;)

  3. So glad you had such an amazing time - I'm SO CRAZY EXCITED for my turn in October!

    Also, your pre-nup video is like, the best thing ever. You guys are fantastic actors! =p

  4. EEEK So jealous. I'd love to see Taylor Swift someday! And I can't lie, I creeped on your wedding video and its ADORABLE.

  5. Aw, looks like you had an amazing time! I think it's truly something special when an artist can make you feel like it's a small group of friends when singing in front of thousands of people. So good. :)

  6. Yes! She's so good at doing that, because everything she said or did made it feel like you were all just hanging out in her living room with her.

  7. Well, I did share the link for a reason. THANK YOU! And yes, I hope you get the chance to see her perform one day. She was really awesome!

  8. It really was! I loved getting to be at her show <3

  9. You are going to have the BEST time! And thank you <3 We had a lot of fun making the video together!

  10. It was incredible! It's so hard to describe it perfectly, but it's definitely something I'll never forget. And yes - you definitely should go if she has a concert near you!

  11. Haha, I love it! And yes, I really did. I hope you get a chance to see one of her shows one day - she's awesome. And thank you <3

  12. Oh my god, this is AMAZING. I'm a tiny bit jealous. I adore Taylor so much and I can just imagine how amazing it is to see her live (ESPECIALLY THE SHAKE IT OFF DANCE PARTY!). I'm so happy for you and I really hope I get to see her one day!


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