July 29, 2015

Screens & Scenes: June-July 2015

It wasn't my intention to wait more than a month to do another round, but I actually think it works out well! I've seen quite a few movies over the last eight weeks, which means there's a greater variety of films to be shared in this post. While I haven't gotten to see Broadway shows or ballets, I have managed to finish the first seasons of two really great TV shows (which isn't something I normally manage to do). Check out everything I've seen below!

Inside Out / Song of the Sea / Daredevil

Jurassic World (trailer) - I really enjoyed this film! There were certainly arcs, and even characters, that I could do without, and I found parts of the story quite predictable. But there's something that really appeals to me when it comes to dinosaurs. And it helps that I adore Chris Pratt, and thought he was an excellent lead for this blockbuster.

Inside Out (trailer) - Pass me the tissues! I seriously fell in love with this latest release from Pixar, because it's a story that combines whimsy + reality so, so well. I got incredibly emotional just seeing Riley's mind at work (literally), and it was such a fascinating take on what difficult experiences might be like for younger people. Funny and witty and emotional, it was certainly a hit for me!

Spirited Away (trailer) - If anyone has the ability to combine imagination and emotion down to a science, it would be Hayao Miyazaki. I was swept up in this fanciful tale, borne happily on the ideas drawn from Japanese culture and folklore. Viewing a Miyazaki film is always a transforming experience; it was no different with this one.

Roman Holiday (trailer) - I finally got a chance to sit down with this film one Saturday morning, and I really liked it! It's such a sweet romantic comedy, and setting it against the backdrop of Rome just made it all the more wonderful. I just love the way Hepburn owns her role (and all her outfits too), and totally wanted to emulate her style (even more) after seeing this.

Stargate (trailer) - This is one of Macky's childhood favorites, and I certainly wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did! It's science fiction, combined with Egyptian culture, and it also tackles humanity and relationships to boot. Even though it's an older film (most obvious in the execution of special effects), it definitely was an enjoyable viewing experience overall.

Looper (trailer) - Joseph-Gordon Levitt is a favorite for me, and I'm always amused by the variety of films he tackles. I'm not much for action, violence or gore, but I did like the concept of this film. I think the time travel, in tandem with power plays and questions of morality, made this simple story so much more interesting than it would have been otherwise.

Song of the Sea (trailer) - Pass me more tissues! I had no clue what this story was about when we chose to watch it, but I think that just made the experience all the sweeter. It's about magic; it incorporates a lot of folklore and magical creatures. It's about family; the strain of losing a mother and wife, the strength of a familial relationships, the ups and downs of that sibling bond. It was such a lovely film, with adorable animation and a great soundtrack.

Ant-Man (trailer) - This film was really enjoyable, equal parts funny, snarky and heartfelt. I harbor a lot of love for Paul Rudd, but his role in this film added fuel to that fire. I loved the execution of this story, special effects and insects included. I liked seeing the relationships, learning the backstory of this particular Ant-Man and all the nods to other superheroes and films. It's definitely a surprise, but a good one! (PS - Stay for both end credit scenes. You won't regret it.)

Charmed (S1) (promo) - It's been years since I've seen Charmed, and I felt like it was time to revisit my favorite witchy sisters. Though there's a formulaic feel to the plot of each episode, and even though their magic and history feels a bit thin, I still enjoyed the heck out of seeing Prue, Piper and Phoebe learn to accept, wield and love their powers - and each other. I definitely enjoyed revisiting the early days, and can't wait to keep on going with the rest of the remaining seasons.

Daredevil (S1) (trailer) - I've already mentioned I'm not one for violence and gore. But I am a sucker for a great superhero story, and that's essentially what fascinates me about this show. I wasn't too familiar with Matt Murdock and his story before I started watching, so everything about it - the flashbacks, the characterization, the plot - feels so fresh. The show runners did an excellent job casting the various characters (I seriously like them all, good and bad); the story is well-paced, lines well-written and direction well-done. I'm so invested in discovering what will happen next for Matt and company and cannot wait for S2!


  1. I liked Jurassic World well enough but at the end of the day, the classics were far better! Inside Out and Spirited Away are both fabulous and I love them so much! Spirited Away is a classic in my opinion and I think everyone should watch it! I haven't seen the next few but Ant-Man is on my to watch list for sure! I LOVE Paul Rudd (hiiiii Josh!) so I am excited. Charmed!!!! I attempted to re-watch for a while and I stopped for no reason so I should come back to it! The casting for Daredevil was fabulous! I loved both the good and the bad guy! Sorry for this long comment but I LOVE talking about movies and shows!

  2. I super love this feature! I always love seeing what other people watched + loved recently. I really want to watch Jurassic World. I only saw the first three movies recently and I just love dinosaurs (and Chris Pratt, a whole lot). I'm already expecting it to be a bit predictable, because that's what I thought with the other movies as well. I also reaaaaally want to watch Inside Out. It sounds so adorable and I always love anything Disney/Pixar.

  3. I'm dying to see Song of the Sea!! Also, Daredevil is SO SO SO SO amazing!!! I'm so happy that he had a second chance at screen time and was done correctly and not with Ben Affleck! I can't wait until season 2 when Jon Berthnal joins as The Punisher!!!!

  4. I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed Antman, I have been on the fence about seeing it for a while now. I just watched Jurassic Park for the first time in years... so I am getting ready to see Jurassic World!

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  5. Inside Out was so amazing. I couldn't believe how crazy and fun it was inside Riley's head. I already want to see that movie again! (Towards the end with all of the different people's "emotions" was super funny as well!)
    Ant-Man was also so great! For some reason I was nervous about Paul Rudd as a superhero but he totally killed it. He was amazing.

  6. Yay for watching so much awesome :D I must say that Spirited Away is my favorite. <3 All time favorite, probably. It is peeerfection :) Though the ending is EVIL. Ugh. But perfect :) Yay for liking so much of what you saw :D Thank you for sharing about it all Alexa. <3


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