July 24, 2015

Tunes & Tales: Breathe In. Breathe Out.

I've been a Hilary Duff fan for ages since I first saw her on Lizzie McGuire. (I was obsessed with the feature film, by the way. So dang adorable!) She has released quite a few albums: Metamorphosis (which I was obsessed with), Hilary Duff (which I was subsequently obsessed with) and Dignity (which I was surprisingly not so obsessed with). It's only this year that she's finally put out a new album - Breathe In. Breathe Out. And guys, I adore it! I think it's filled with catchy melodies, excellent lyrics and just fun, summery music.

VIBE: fun pop songs, catchy lyrics
WHY: It's Hilary Duff. 'Nuff said.
TRY: Confetti is my absolute favorite, though Sparks always gets stuck in my head.

Sparks / Delicious
You can promise castle, treasures, babies
I don't care
Cause right now you're just enough for me
I want you near
Like a fairytale to feel your breath right on my neck
You remember what I love so baby take me back
Turn down the lights down low and kiss me under the dark
Cause when you're touching me baby I see sparks

My Kind / Focus on Me
I'm going
Till I'm overloading
Even though it's breaking me, breaking me
I'm with you for the night
You're taking me, taking me high
You're loving me, loving me right
Think you're one of my kind

One in a Million / You Had Me at Hello
You say, "Don't worry about us babe
I just need a little time" (so what?)
I'm supposed to be okay
When we're nowhere close to fine? (nuh-uh)
I know you've done nothing wrong
But it only makes it worse (you-ooh)

Confetti / Magnolia
This conversation hasn't happened
But you need to hear me now
Call it a warning sign or a caption
But there's walls that won't back down
I'm wide awake
And I swore I wouldn't dream
When I hear you say
That you won't let go of me
I'm slipping under
Soon as I'd thought never again

Breathe In. Breathe Out. / Happy Again
I remember when we had too much to dream
I was hanging on your words like I'm sixteen
I remember being high on your caffeine
I remember when we fell too deep to feel
I remember when the real became too real
I remember when it hurt too much to heal

Tell me why you think you can play me
Twist your lies and stare blankly
Don't you know I knew?
And, baby, all my time that you've wasted
I'll find a way to reclaim it
I think I see the sun

Arms Around a Memory / Champion
You can't put your arms around a memory
And now I'm wishing you were here
As much as I wish you would disappear
So will you remember to forget me?
You can't put your arms around a memory

Stay in Love / Racing the Sun
Our edges used to
Fit together perfectly
Why does something good
Always start to bleed?
Hurting, hearts go wild
Bruised girl, broken down
Praised you, many times
One big lie

Brave Heart / Where Sea Meets Sky
I don't know, know, where we're going
I can't breathe, breathe, all fading starts
I don't know, know, where I'm heading
Just know, know, you're stealing my heart
I wouldn't change a single page of my history
I'm gonna keep all the letters you wrote to me
Each and every day it's the same old game
And I play alone
Round and round we go but we never know
When we should get off
Gotta let go even though I'm scared to death
I'm here alone, but I still got one thing left
I've got a brave heart

On my skin
Running in my bloodstream
These scars are the way that you loved me
I guess that you had to leave a tattoo
To remind me

Picture This / Love, in English
Blurry eyed and tongue tied
Tripping over landmines
Gettin' lost in your mind
Tripping over landlines
Hands creep down my waist
Little slower, now
Hands creep down my waist
Let me show you how
It's not how I pictured this
It's better than it
But we regret the things we said
Picture it getting better than this
Let it live inside our head
Let our hearts cross the line, it's time

Night Like This / Jesse's Girl
Wouldn't mind if we caught every red light
You're someone I can get close to
You're a stranger but there's something in your eyes
Like you know me


  1. I've actually recently being listening to Hilary Duff more lately because of recent recs from friends and stuff, and I'm loviing it so much! :D So cool to see these songs paired up with some really good books!

  2. Thank you, Kristin! I really like her new album. The songs are so catchy + fun, and it was a real treat to find books to pair up with them!

  3. I own the first book! I've heard Kelly rave about this series so I'm glad you loved them too! I love that time period too so I feel like I would love it too!

  4. I love this idea. I used to be obsessed with Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire FOREVER) and I must check this out to see if the songs match those books. The lyrics look good at least (especially the one for The Assassin's Blade OH MY HEART)

    1. Also! I started rereading that and I've read all novellas except for the last one because I honestly feel like I will start bawling as soon as I start it. SAMMMMMM


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