July 27, 2015

Summertime Adventures

July, July, you've been so full of fun and sun. Here is a mini photo recap of some of the things I've been doing over the past few weeks - ice cream dates with Rachel, sunsets and sunny days with family, a day out with Rachel, the RWA 2015 "Readers for Life" Literacy signing, a Hunger Games Exhibition & a signing with Miranda Kenneally.

Speculoos chocolate chip from Davey's Ice Cream / a sunset in Queens / lunch at The Upsider

Mud Pie from Emack and Bolio's / blue skies in Connecticut / Julia Quinn

Sherry Thomas / Tessa Dare / RWA15 signing buddies DJ, Rachel & Lili

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition / Katniss & Gale costumes / Effie costume

train to the Capitol / Katniss & Peeta costumes / interactive District display (also, Finnick!)

chatting with Caesar / Katniss costumes / the quote that gave me feels

leche shaved snow with graham, Captain Crunch, cookies and cream & chocolate drizzle from Wooly's / fairytale book display at Books of Wonder / Miranda Kenneally 

sunshine on Sundays / disco fries / Macky + Hamilton


  1. Your posts ALWAYS make me wish I was on my own so I could go out and have all of these adventures! This is so perfect and even though the heat can be killer, I LOVE summer fun!

  2. Your summer is looking amazing, A! I wish I could be there to have ice cream with you! Also omg, The Hunger Games exhibition. I would love to go to that. And you met Miranda Kenneally <3 I adore her so much. I hope August is equally fabulous for you (and let's talk more! I MISS YOUR FACE.)

  3. RWA looked like so much fun and that THG museum exhibit looks so cool! Way to tempt me w/all that ice cream though. Now I'm craving.


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