February 23, 2015

Tunes & Tales: Louder

This month, I'm spotlighting Lea Michele and her debut album, Louder. I've been a fan of Lea's since her days in Spring Awakening, and followed her career through its ups and down as she starred in the hit TV show Glee. Her album spotlights her incredible vocals, but more than that, it showcases raw emotion and a bit of storytelling too.

Cannonball // The Blue Castle
"Freedom; I let go of fear and the peace came quickly
Freedom; I was in the dark and then it hit me
I chose suffering and pain in the falling rain
I know, I gotta get out into the world again"

"When my head tells me no
My heart tells me go
So I'm hitting the road 'cause I -
I know my heart's too drunk to drive but I'm on my way to you."

Burn with You // Crash Into You
"But I don't wanna go to heaven
If you're going to hell
I will burn with you
I will burn with you."

Battlefield // After I Do
"We both know it's coming
Does illusion count for something we hide?
The surface tension's gotta break,
One drop is all it takes to flood out this lie."

You’re Mine // Blue-Eyed Devil
"And I told you all my dreams and fears
And you looked at me and your eyes filled with tears
And you said those three words I'd been waiting for
You became a part of me."

Thousand Needles // Breathe Annie Breathe
"Like a thousand needles in my heart
Whenever time sets us apart
And now my world just crashing down
Now that I can't have you around"

Louder // No Place to Fall
"Come out of the shadow
Step into the light
This could be the moment
Are you ready to fight?"

Cue the Rain // This Shattered World
"The city was on fire for us
We would've died for us
Up in flames; cue the rain
In my heart, little sparks
Everywhere that you are
Up in flames; cue the rain"

Don’t Let Go // Anna and the French Kiss
"I know we pull, pull, pull on each other
Sometimes, we spin, spin out of control
But there's a string holding us together
Just gotta catch that, and here we go"

Empty-Handed // Daughter of the Forest
"All I've ever known is how to hide a secret
But I'm tired of going on without believing
And love is not illusion, love illuminates the blind"

If You Say So // Things We Know by Heart
"And I can't get away from the burning pain,
I like awake.
And the fallen hero haunts my thoughts,
How could you leave me this way?"

What is Love // Something Borrowed
"You play the role; I play the lead
We strike a pose; I was too blind to see
This ain't what it seems"

Gone Tonight // Dare You To
"But it's gone tonight
Nothing in the way
Go forward, forward
Nothing not to say
It's our world, our world
Trouble's gone tonight
Right under the bridge like water, water
Promising to love you harder, harder, harder"

The Bells // The Sky is Everywhere
"I can't break the spell
I still hear you every place
Can't forget what I saw in your face
I know every inch so well"


  1. I love that you featured Lea's album! It's sooo good. I've only read one book you mentioned but I think your choices are all on point! I definitely need to read some of these soon :)

  2. Absolutely love this post! I pick songs specifically for books as well. It's so great to get music recommendations this way.

  3. Amber (@ YA Indulgences)February 23, 2015 at 6:48 PM

    I adore Lea's album, that was seriously all I would listen to for weeks. Especially when it was just streaming on itunes before the release. If You Say So and The Bells just give me chills. Out of these I've only read Anna and The French Kiss. :( But several of them are on my TBR (After I Do, Things We Know By Heart, The Sky Is Everywhere, etc.). Great list.

  4. I adore these! I have always wanted to try the phone one, and I LOVE the ACOTAR picture! That'd be a perfect Christmas present ;)

  5. Oh, thanks for making me aware of this! I didn't realise she'd brought out an album. I'll check it out asap!

  6. This is the first time I've seen this feature in your blog and I really like it!
    I loved Lea's album.Everything was so beautiful and emotional! I broke into tears when I heard If you say so.It was a beautiful tribute to Cory.

  7. I love Lea Michele's album so much!! Definitely need to check out some of these books. I love these posts so much :)

  8. Love the book rainbow! And your book shelfie is adorable! :)

  9. I love this post! I just read Breathe, Annie, Breathe and that song is so fitting! I've read some of these books and will check out the rest.


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