April 2, 2013

Something Borrowed + Something Blue

Something Borrowed / Something Blue by Emily Giffin
Series: Darcy & Rachel
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: April 1, 2005 / April 26, 2011
Source/Format: Borrowed from the library || Paperback

Something Borrowed tells the story of Rachel, a young attorney living and working in Manhattan. Rachel has always been the consummate good girl---until her thirtieth birthday, when her best friend, Darcy, throws her a party. That night, after too many drinks, Rachel ends up in bed with Darcy's fiancé. Although she wakes up determined to put the one-night fling behind her, Rachel is horrified to discover that she has genuine feelings for the one guy she should run from. As the September wedding date nears, Rachel knows she has to make a choice. In doing so, she discovers that the lines between right and wrong can be blurry, endings aren't always neat, and sometimes you have to risk all to win true happiness. (from Goodreads)

Something Blue continues the story of Darcy Rhone. She has always been able to rely on a few things: Her beauty and charm. Her fiance, Dex. Her lifelong best friend, Rachel. She never needed anything else. Or so she thinks until Dex calls off their dream wedding and she uncovers the ultimate betrayal. Blaming everyone but herself, Darcy flees to London and attempts to re-create her glamorous life on a new continent. But to her dismay, she discovers that her tried-and-true tricks no longer apply--and that her luck has finally expired. It is only then that she can begin her journey toward redemption, forgiveness, and true love. (adapted from Goodreads)

I read both of these books way before I started blogging, so I'm glad that the Companion Novels Challenge gave me the opportunity to read both Something Borrowed and Something Blue again. These are my two favorite Emily Giffin novels, mostly because they happen to be about best friends and their experiences with love, life and relationships. Reading them again was such a fun experience, and I finished both books feeling satisfied, almost like I'd just had lunch with an old friend.

Something Borrowed is Rachel's story, and most of the elements in this book felt very familiar. I'd watched the movie a few years ago, so it was sort of fresh in my memory. At its core, this book is about what happens when you fall in love with someone you shouldn't - and yet it still feels like you were meant to. I remember liking this book a whole lot more the first time I read it. This time, I was a bit prickly about the lying all of the characters were doing - from Darcy to Rachel to Dex. Still, the story was enjoyable, and I was really rooting for Dex and Rachel since it was so obvious that they truly belonged together. Bonus? The book is set in New York City.

Something Blue, on the other hand, is Darcy's story. Unlike the first novel, I had completely forgotten what happens in this book. Darcy is not exactly my favorite character (I'm more of a Rachel, even if I had problems with her lying in the first book), so this doesn't surprise me. But I forgot that this was going to be set in London (bonus for this book) and that it involved Ethan (Darcy & Rachel's childhood friend). Let me tell you guys - experiencing this book again just made me all giddy. I'd forgotten about how things play out in this one, and to finally remember it all just made me so happy. Sure, Darcy's change of attitude and heart was slightly too convenient and a touch unrealistic, but I loved it anyway.

Reading them one after another was definitely the best choice this time around. The stories fit together seamlessly, and it was interesting to immediately experience what Darcy was feeling right after Rachel's story. There were clear winners for a few things in each book, and I've even made a little chart for you below so you can see what I mean...

Main Character
Rachel (I’m a lot more like Rachel, so obviously, I was going to pick her. Plus, I do like how she manages to sort of beat Darcy for the first time EVER.)
Love Interest
Ethan (Even the first time I read the series, Ethan was my favorite. And if you’ve seen the movie, Ethan definitely wins over everyone else.)
Ethan, Hilary
Ethan (Ethan’s the BEST. That is all that matters.)
Other Love Interest
Geoffrey (I mean, come on – he’s a doctor and he’s perfectly sweet.)
New York
New York AND London (How do you expect me to choose between two of my favorite places in the world?)
(Basically, Ethan wins all the awards.)

When it comes to chick lit, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Something Borrowed and Something Blue. These two novels are top examples of the genre, as well as being accessible and easy to read. It's perfect for spring break or a summer beach read!

These two novels were read as part of the Companion Novels Challenge.


  1. This sounds like a fun challenge. I like how it is companions and not sequels. I remember seeing these books everywhere a few years ago especially when the film came out. I'm going to see if they have this at the library,

  2. These sound like really fun books. :) I've seen them everywhere, but was not very interested in seeing what they were about. I'll have to try them out!

  3. I love the chart! And I agree, Ethan is the best :)

  4. I actually ended up passing on Something Blue because I was so put off by the lying/cheating in Something Borrowed :( But glad they were enjoyable! I wanted to read Something Blue but just couldn't bring myself to do it haha.

  5. I can't help but love a good chart!! I feel like I'm on repeat here, but I still have yet to read an Emily Giffin book. I'm not sure how I'd do with the lying but I like that the second book is set in London.

  6. I love the chart!!! I haven't read any of her books, but I probably have a few on my book shelf.

  7. Cute chart!!! I loved Something Borrowed!! Something Blue was just ok for me. I found it a little icky that a gynocologist would ask a woman that he examined out... like was he getting turned on when he was looking down there or what?? GROSS and unethical!!

    anyhow the main reason I didn't like Something Blue as much was the convenient turn around of Darcy like you mentioned. I didn't like her, so I really didn't want her with Ethan. Ethan on the other hand.. YES!! Love him!!

    1. Am I the only one who thinks this book is crap? How can you justify cheating? You can't ever! I think Rachel is the antagonist here and Darcy is the protagonist. Yeah Darcy may have been a bitchy friend but she didn't deserve to be betrayed by her best friend whom she's known her whole life and her fiancee. Rachel is pathetic if she really needs a man to be happy in life I feel really bad for her.

  8. Oh yay I really enjoyed these books too it's been so long! I remember thinking I would hate Something Blue bc it was Darcy but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. She's not a likeable person but Emily really did great with her POV. So happy you enjoyed them too, chickie!

  9. I've seen the movie, but have yet to read the books! The chart was great, and I'm totally with you: Ethan! To be honest, I wouldn't know how to pick between NYC and London either! Even though I haven't been to either!

  10. Something Borrowed/Something Blue is my most recommended series. I read Something Borrowed shortly after the movie came out before I watched it and I fell in love with the book. I recommend that book to everybody now because I loved the book so much. I love your pick for the characters. I'm defaintly a Rachel fan especially since we share the same name, but overall even though Rachel is doing something horrible she is generally a nice person where Darcy really isn't a nice person. I love Ethan. He should just win it all right. He was caring and he was sweet and I loved that about him. I have to admit I loved Dex as a character also. Although his moral values are a bit messed up. Leaving your relationship of 7 years to cheat on her with her best friend doesn't scream great guy. Although it made me a bit mad at Rachel at first once I saw what a b word Darcy was I wanted Rachel and Dex to be together. I don't think Dex is a bad person I think he just made the wrong choice. He should have never went out with Darcy in the first place it should have always been Rachel, but then we wouldn't have a story would we? Overall great book and I hope to someday reread it.

  11. I watched the movie before reading the first book and ended up not loving the book. Think it is the first time I enjoyed the movie more than the book. I thought Something Blue was better. I love Ethan too :)

  12. What a fun joint book review! I have this series on loan from a friend of mine and you have inspired me to make it a priority! Huzzah!

  13. Nice of you to do a joint book review and the character comparisons!

  14. I've been wanting to read more contemporary romance this year - it's something I want to make time for as my reading schedule slows down. I watched the movie a year back, but I'd still like to read these books. I LOVE your chart, Alexa. Very cool, since this a dual review, to compare characters, locations, and such. You've made me excited to read these books! :)

  15. I didn't even know this was a book until I saw you mentioned it awhile ago, and don't even know why I didn't know that. I adored this movie, and I'm even more intrigued that there's a whole new story that I haven't heard before (Darcy's side). Though I'm not a Darcy fan (and that's just from the movie), I did really like this story. I must read these!

  16. You know I still haven't watched the movie yet, but I heard its nothing compared to the book, lol (are they ever?!). I loved both of these, probably my favorite from Emily. I also love that Something Blue was set in London and Ethan is so wonderful. I love that you made a little chart, too cute! And I totally agree with you picks! Great reviews, love!

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    Deity Island

  17. I actually read Something Borrowed because I was going to see the movie when it released, and I actually really loved it. All the lying did suck, but I just fell in love with Rachel and Dex, and I hated Darcy. I do own Something Blue but I haven't read it yet. I plan to soon. The other day I watched the movie again on tv and it made me want to reread the book. I just loved it. :D

  18. Hi, Carole's Chatter is collecting posts about Favourite Romance Novels. This looks like a good one. It would be super if you linked it in. This is the link - Your Favourite Romances There are over 25 links already. I hope to see you soon. Cheers


    I should probably say something slightly coherent, but Ethan was totally the best thing about BOTH of the books! I was actually just thinking about Something Blue the other day and wanting to reread it!


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