September 26, 2014

Who's Your First?

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with Rachel & Kelly. I had just told them that I had been debating about reading The Infernal Devices (which they lovingly yelled at me to read), and it prompted Kelly to tell us that Will Herondale had been her number one book boyfriend for years until she met Z of Black Dagger Brotherhood fame. As the conversation continued, I got the idea to write about book boyfriends - and more importantly, our first book boyfriends.

A snippet of this conversation

While I am happily married (and as you read this, on vacation with my husband - yes, he's finally here - to celebrate our anniversary), there's no doubt in my mind that I've got quite the roster of book boys who I absolutely love. 

My current number one is Chaol Westfall, Captain of the Guard (and my heart) in the Throne of Glass series. And while I do adore him and would fight off every other girl (save Celaena, obviously) to have him, there are always new boys to add to the little harem of book boyfriends I've got going on - Wrath, Will, Sam, Daniel, Hector, Wolf, Josh, Sturmhond, Kenji, Adam, Ryan, Sebastian St. Vincent, Hardy Cates, Wes and so many more. 

They say, however, that you never forget your first. This is why I decided to share who my first ever book boyfriend was - and I roped some of my blogger friends into doing it too!

Alexa heart Logan
from The Babysitters Club series
From the moment I first met Logan in The Babysitters Club novels, I just knew I wanted to date him. Here was a boy who was sweet, who liked shy Mary-Ann (who was totally the babysitter I was most like), who was good with kids. He seemed like the wholesome type, with boy next door charm to match. It's no wonder my younger self was swept away in fantasies of dating him myself!

Kelly Heart Will
from The Infernal Devices series
You never forget your first, right? Even when new men come into your bookish life your first love will always stay with you. That is how it is for me and one Will Herondale…le sigh. While a few book boyfriends have surpassed Will in the hierarchy of my love, he will forever hold a special place in my heart. Why? Will was the first guy I read about that actually made me swoon. He was the first book boy that finally brought meaning to the term book boyfriend. He is sarcastic and witty and infinitely charming. And more than that he is selfless and protective and…pause for affect…HE LOVES TO READ! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a badass warrior, half angel, and is tall, dark, handsome, and broody. And last but not least, he still to this day has the most romantic line I have ever read. It may be short and sweet but it definitely hits the mark and it is a life goal to have somebody say this to me and mean it….“I am catastrophically in love with you. (Blog || Twitter)

Rachel heart Jace
from The Mortal Instruments series
When I read City of Bones and met Jace Wayland, that was the first time the words “book boyfriend” came to mind. I’m a sucker for the seemingly bad boy who hides behind his bravado but really has a sensitive, deeply loving personality. And that is exactly who Jace is. Plus I love banter (so many of his lines cracked me up) and he can play the piano. What's not to love about Jace? (Blog || Twitter)

Betty heart Edward
from the Twilight series
Edward Cullen was the first boy from a book I legit dreamed about! I was pretty creeped out by this... But I was more than happy about it. I was obsessed and would reread scenes over and over again. He is so protective... sexy... fierce... and well, sparkly! Hell, he could save me from just about anything. I will always be hot for Edward and long to be his spider monkey. Twilight forever! (Blog || Twitter)

Danielle heart Darcy
from Pride and Prejudice
This seems so cliché, but he's the first book guy I can remember crushing on in high school. Stoic, impenetrable, arrogant Mr. Darcy, who's actually hiding one of the softest hearts and who determinedly humbles himself before his lady love. It's the stuff romances are made of. I like that he is so flabbergasted by Lizzy's intelligence, I like that he can match her wit, I like that he can admit when he's wrong, I like that he shows Lizzy he's so much more than the cold facade he presents to most of the world. Swoon! (Blog || Twitter)

Erin heart Dimitri
from the Vampire Academy novels
Dimitri is very protective of those he loves and willing to do whatever he needs to in order to keep them safe (check out book 3 if you don't believe me). He is strong, loyal, and smart and I love those qualities. Plus...a hot, kickass Russian - this is never a bad thing. (Blog || Twitter)

Jaime heart Jase
from My Life Next Door
Okay, so most people probably have an older pick here, but if I have to be honest with everyone I will admit that I wasn't really as much of a reader when I was younger. Most of the classic books that everyone loves, I have never even read yet. So that's why my pick is actually a more recent title. But he's the first book character that I remember thinking, 'God, why wasn't he in my life when I was in high school!'

Which is why he's near and dear to my heart. 

The reason's why he's so amazing to me... he loves his family so much and it's apparent in everything he does. He's the boy who wears his heart on his sleeve and isn't all mysterious about his feelings. He will bend over backwards for the people he loves and cares for and he's so damn swoony. I think that just skims the surface of Jase Garrett, I mean I could talk about him for hours if you wanted, but I'll just let you all go experience him yourself. (Please note that he's mine!) (Blog || Twitter)

Racquel heart Wes
from The Truth About Forever
So. Wes is my first full out crush and it's no surprise because SA-WOON. What I like about Wes, and what makes him special even today, is how kind he is. He is a *nice* guy! Truly nice book boyfriends are hard to find in YA and romance nowadays with the bad boy and alpha-hole rage. But that's not Wes. He's sweet, funny, caring and I repeat SA-WOON (read the book to understand this reference). Sarah Dessen just writes really amazing guys (re: Owen Armstrong from Just Listen) Wes might be my first crush, but now he's tied in first place with Owen as my favorite Dessen boy. So I can definitely say that Sarah Dessen is a writer of book boyfriends who you'll love for ages and ages! (Blog || Twitter)

Sharon heart Almanzo
from the Little House series
Although I was a massive shipper from a young age, I rarely crushed on the guys, but there were a few both on screen (*cough*Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez*cough*) and on the page who stood out to me and made me love them. I grew up with my mom reading the Little House books aloud to us almost constantly, and how could you not fall for Almanzo? He was so kind and patient and strong and awesome, even if my little self did pretend he was a lot younger, because the ten year age difference between him and Laura totally squicked me out. Regardless, I love him to this day; Almanzo can come rescue me from a snow storm anytime! (Blog || Twitter)

Wendy heart Nat
from The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Nat is a handsome sailor who has a heart of gold. He befriends a Quaker who people think is a witch and helps take care of her, not caring what other people think. He is playful, kind, and brave and the most loyal friend. He will stand up for what and who he believes in, no matter the consequences! *sigh* and now i want to reread this. :) (Blog || Twitter)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this post! It was so great to find out everyone's firsts, and I love that all of us have different picks. Now it's YOUR turn, dear reader - who's your first?


  1. Logan!!! Oh my gosh, I forgot about Logan! I also identified most with Mary Anne! Haha i think it so creepy Betty dreamed about edward cullen. ;) Love this. Also, sounds like I should read infernal devices sometime too!

  2. This is such a neat post! You just don't forget your first book boyfriend. ;) I *think* mine was Cian from Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy. I loved him so much, and to this day, that series is the only one I've ever reread completely.

    You should definitely read The Infernal Devices! I'm actually partial to Jem (not to dis Will or anything), but that series is so amazing and wonderful. And I still need to read quite a few of these books, like My Life Next Door and the Vampire Academy series!

  3. I've been wanting to read some of Cassandra Clare's books, and I think maybe a great way to start would be the Infernal Devices series which is much shorter than the Mortal Instruments Series so I can see if I really like her writing before committing to ssuch along series.

    I wasn't much of a reader when I was younger, except for the Harry Potter series, and I don't tend to fall much for boys in books. I think maybe I haven't come across so many that would make me want to remember them for long after. But the first one I became absolutely in love with, and I think maybe I'm still not over him, lol, was Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games. That boy!! *swoons*. I think good boys are definitely my type.

    This was a really fun post!

  4. Logan! Ha! Grinning over here. I totally loved Logan from BSC.

    Nat Eaton was my first. And it's true. You never get over your first. Sigh.

  5. I love this post so hard!!! OMG and you don't even wanna know the text I just shot Betty after reading her book boyfriend! Logan is SUCH A GOOD PICK!! And I KNEW Jaime would pick Jase! That is her Z and Chaol to us. I loved learnin Erin's is Dimitri!!! Holla!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ALEXA!!!!!

  6. Um, I'm with Wendy, actually. I was OBSESSED with Nathaniel Eaton! I read that book over and over and over. It's SHREDDED. Back before I knew what fanfic was, in my head, I was coming up with all of these stories. I don't even know, but I LOVED HIM! Great topic, Alexa! :)

  7. I love this post! Thanks so much for including me, Alexa!
    I agree 100% about Jase (he's one of my firsts, too), Dimitri, and Wes. Those others I haven't met, but sounds like I need to! :)

    Great topic - we need more like it!

  8. Ahhh Logan! Mmm. He was one of my favorites too growing up. Of course, I was also Team Mary Anne & Logan. Boo Cokie Mason! ;)

  9. Oh my god how could I forget about LOGAN. YES. I think the first book boy I fell in love with was Laurie from Little Women *spoiler alert* It KILLED me that Jo rejected him. I was so in love with him and it HURT ME. I should have just started writing Laurie and Jamie fanfiction instead of accepting Amy and Laurie.

  10. Ahh, Logan! I didn't even think of him, but YES. Loved him. He would probably give Almanzo competition, actually.

    As for the rest of these, I agree with SO MANY. Wes (probably a more realistic pick, from when I was old enough to even consider having a boyfriend, even of the fictional variety, LOL), Jase, and Mr. Darcy are absolutely all on my Top Ten Book Boyfriends to this very day. ♥

    This was such a fun post, Alexa! What a great idea. :D


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