September 28, 2014

Adventures in Anime #1: Fushigi Yuugi

Rachel & I have another collaboration, this one borne out of our mutual love for anime! We'll be answering some questions every time we watch and finish an anime series together. We're excited to bring you the first edition today, featuring one of my all-time favorite animes - Fushigi Yuugi!

Fushigi Yuugi The Mysterious Play
Summary & Thoughts: Miaka and her best friend Yui have been studying hard for the high school entrance exams. One afternoon, they visit a library and discover an ancient text called The Universe of the Four Gods - and find themselves transported into the book. While Yui is returned to the real world shortly, Miaka stays in the book. She discovers that she is the Priestess of Suzaku, and that it is her destiny and duty to gather the Seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku in order to summon the god and gain three wishes. As she journeys to find the warriors, Miaka gains friends and falls in love and learns more about herself. Later, Yui is back in the book as well, only to become Miaka's enemy as the Priestess of Seiryu. Honestly, it's like a fantasy novel come to life (which I adore). Plus, there's a swoony romance (or two), fun secondary characters (so much love) and a twisty plot.

Favorite Character: This is a question that I can foresee myself finding loopholes for in the future, as that's pretty much the case right now. Miaka is my favorite female, because she's awkward and silly and loyal and lovable. Tamahome is my favorite male, because well, he's basically kick-ass in terms of the physical and the emotional and I swooned hard over him. 

[But then there's Nuriko, who basically becomes the best friend + mentor + fellow warrior one could ever hope for. And Tasuki, a hothead but also a guy with a good heart. And Chichiri the mage, and Mitsukake the healer, and Chiriko the boy genius and Hotohori the emperor. There's also Keisuke, Miaka's brother, who's pretty darn awesome. Yeah. I cheated on this question, just because I CAN.]

Suzaku Seven Fushigi Yuugi
Favorite Episode: "Tombstone Oath" is one of my favorite episodes, mostly because of the amazing Polaroid with the complete Suzaku Seven that Miaka manages to capture. But really, I love that this episode marks a turning point for the gang. Since their first attempt to summon Suzaku has failed, they have to explore other avenues - and so begins a new chapter.

Favorite Scene: You'd think I'd pick a Tamahome and Miaka moment, considering these two are my favorites. But no, my favorite scene happens to be one of the most moving - it's the scene where Suzuno (Priestess of Byakko) and Tatara (one of her Seven) are reunited. It's seriously so darn epic.

Favorite Quote: This, too, is actually a quote from someone I wouldn't have thought I'd pick, but here goes nothing:

Tatara quote Fushigi Yuugi

Favorite Setting: My favorite of all the settings has to be Hotohori's home, the Emperor's palace in Konan. Not only is it the setting of many a deliciously awkward and funny encounter, but it's also a place that felt like home for all of the Suzaku Seven & Miaka. I really loved that!

Favorite Kiss: My favorite kiss is in "I'll Never Leave You", when Miaka and Tamahome are finally reunited after being apart (in body and mind) for quite some time. Their exchange seriously gives me all of the feels.

And that's a wrap! We'll be posting again soon, once we've decided what our next anime will be. Tell me: Have you seen Fushigi Yuugi? What would your answers to our questions be?


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