April 18, 2014


I was scrambling for some way to connect all the events that have transpired so far since last Friday in the title of this post, and this was the best I could come up with. It's been a busy week, in spite of the not-so-great weather we've been having. (Can we take a moment to pause and state the obvious: It's freezing. It's not warm. It's NOT FAIR.) 

Ahem. Anyway, like I said, it's been a busy week, so I'm just going to break it down for you all real quick today so you can see what I (and by default, my friends/roomies) have been up to!


Last Saturday, the weather was absolutely glorious. We knew we couldn't spend the day just cooped up at home doing nothing! 

Looks like summer! (Also, hi Ephy!)
To make the most of the weather, we headed over to Sheep Meadow in Central Park for a spontaneous picnic-slash-soccer session (for Mel, Jaymee & Ephy)-slash-reading session (for me). It was just really nice to lay out in the sun, and everyone who was around seemed to be in such wonderful, bright moods too. 

lazing about on the picnic blanket

Orange you glad it's time for some grilling?

After lazing about in the warmth for a while, we decided to head on over to E's apartment for some grilling time. We picked up ingredients at Fairway, and us girls snacked on chips and dip while Ephy fired up the grill to make some really good cream cheese-filled pepper wrapped in bacon thing, and some citrusy shrimp. I stayed till the sun started to go down, and then I left for home.


On Tuesday, during a day that was cold and rainy, I met up with Estelle & Rachel in front of McNally Jackson. We popped into MacBar for a quick bite before heading back to the bookstore in time for Jennifer E. Smith's event for the launch of her newest novel, The Geography of You and Me. I was particularly excited about this event because I'd enjoyed the book and couldn't wait to snag a copy! 

the adorable Jennifer E. Smith talking about her book!

Jen read a brief excerpt from her novel (a scene that happens early on during the part where it's still a blackout in New York), and then we moved on to the signing portion of the evening. I was really glad I got a chance to see Jen again, and to get this particular title signed by her!

Other bloggers/book friends spotted that day included Julie, Mitali, Jeremy, Jeffrey, Lili and Tabitha.


girls! (photo c/o Pat)

On that same Tuesday night, even with the sleeting rain-that-was-almost-hail, I ventured over to EVR to meet up with Mel, my best friend Pat, and Mel's friends John, Joel & Mark. We hung out at the bar, chilling and chatting (and me eating dinner) until our friend Antoinette arrived. After spending an hour or so there, we moved on over to Chorus for a few hours of karaoke. It was a fun, spur-of-the-moment outing!


The next day, the weather looked nice (read: there was sun) but was still pretty cold! Since I had the day off, I spent most of it lazing around (because I could). But eventually, I left the house to head to Books of Wonder to meet Estelle for Sara J. Benincasa's East Coast launch for her debut YA novel, Great

the awesome Sara J. Benincasa

I need a cake like this in my life.

cookies! and a slice of cake!

It was really fun to see Sara interact with her audience. She got the ball rolling by introducing herself and talking a little about Great before she read an excerpt. Sara's reading was awesome because she gave each character a particular voice, and she totally made me want to read it again. She then answered questions from the audience, before the signing started (and cake and cookies were given out to the people at the launch!).

Book friends who were there that day were Mitali and Adam.


Last night was all about reunions! My best friend and second cousin, Bianca, is in town with her family. 

Bianx, Bea & Renzo in Times Square

Jaymee, Ephy, Mel & I met up with Bianca, her sister Bea and her brother Renzo for a quick dinner at John's Pizzeria. 

Renzo, Bea, Bianca, me, Mel, Jaymee & Ephy at John's Pizzeria

We then hopped on over to Cafe Un, Deux, Trois for dessert, running into the adults (Bianca's dad/my uncle, my godmother, Mel's godfather, our other aunt) along the way. It was a fun, relaxed night, and we just chatted a lot about anything and everything! Plus, before we went home, we were able to see our other cousin Kristina and her dad.

friends & family :)

We left a space for you, Pam!

Today, Friday, I'm headed to the book launch for Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Loved Before (which, as of my typing this, I am 50% through and thoroughly enjoying) with Rachel & Estelle. Plus, I'm also planning to meet up with Bianca and her family again, and Jaymee has a friend coming into town too. It's set to be a busy weekend in spite of the cold, so there's tons of fun ahead!


  1. Looks like you had a super fun week! I hope it warms up soon!! I am so sick of this cold and last weekend was such a tease.

    1. It was a really fun week! And yes, thankfully, the weather got warmer, even though it also got rainy :p

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! There's nothing I enjoy more than lazing about in the sun, though it can be hard to come by in London. And how cool that you got to meet Jennifer E. Smith. I've heard a lot of great things about her latest book and can't wait to read it myself. :)

    1. But London still seems like a magical place to me! I seriously want to visit one day :) And yes, seeing Jen again was wonderful and I hope you read and love her latest novel!

  3. Okay wow that cake is making me hungry haha! I'm glad you had a great week Alexa :D

    1. That cake was delicious! I ate every last bite and enjoyed it, and the same goes for the awesome cookie :D

  4. I love when you make posts like this! Pretty much because I am so living through you right now and I like to keep updated on your life! You had an awesome week :)

    1. Aww, thanks Rachel! I always enjoy sharing what's been happening lately, especially during weeks that are as awesome as this one was.

  5. Yay for all these fun things going on. :) Cafe Un Deux Trios! James and I both went there separately on a theatre trip for college + we always walk passed it and wonder if we should try it -- together -- this time. I love the idea of stopping in for dessert :) I may steal that one.

    P.S. I have a smushed cookie from the GREAT event in my bag still. haha

    1. We sometimes just have awesome weeks with lots of fun events, don't we? I really enjoyed this one, even though I also felt really tired out too! And yes, totally go ahead and steal the dessert plan. It worked out perfectly!

      Haha, I can't believe you still had that cookie. I hope you wound up eating it!


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