April 30, 2014

It's Your Birthday: Mel (2014 Edition)

By now, you're all very familiar with my sister Melissa. She's appeared on the blog as part of a few posts, ones about sisters & books, a Vampire Diaries set visit and meet and greetflash mobs + foodie fun. She's also become a regular contributor with her reviews as part of It Runs in the Family. Plus, she runs her own blog, where I pop up for our Wednesdates

Well, today happens to be a very special day - it's her birthday! Today marks the day that, years ago, she came into the world and became a very big part of my life. Mel and I are basically about two years apart, which means we've pretty much been the best of friends since she was born. Like any siblings, we've been through it all - happy, memorable moments, incredible travel adventures, big fights over things that turned out to be not-so-big, growing up and falling in love. You name it, and most likely, we've gone through it or something close to it.

What matters most in the end is this: Mel has always had my back, and I will always have hers. It makes me proud to be able to call such a smart, loyal, thoughtful, funny young lady my sister. I just know that she has an incredible future lying ahead of her, and the world will always be the better for having her in it.

Happy birthday, dearest sister! I hope you know that I am so proud of you, especially now as you're finding your way on your own in this big ol' city. I'm so grateful for your presence in my life, the way it eased my loneliness, makes me laugh, encourages me and gives me strength. I continue to pray for God's countless blessings and endless grace to always touch your life from this moment into the many, many years to come. Here's to more travel adventures, more funny memories, more moments to cherish! I love you <3


  1. happy beautiful birthday to your sis!! My sister and I are 8 years apart but we're still friends. Probably because her maturity level is closer to a 5 year old ;p sisters are awesome!! I hope you and Mel have many more wonderful memories together <3

  2. Happy birthday Mel! :) I'm also very close with my little sister, so I know that feeling <3

  3. This post made me teary-eyed! A very happy birthday to Mel, and may you guys continue to always have each other's backs and enjoy life to the fullest!


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