August 16, 2012

Travel Tales: My Dream Destinations

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It's just past the middle of the summer, but I'm a firm believer in the it's-not-over-till-it's-over mindset and so I refuse to believe that it's going to be impossible for me to take a vacation or two before the summer ends. If I had cash to spare and time off from work (and in one case, if it actually existed), I'd definitely try to make my way to one of these awesome summer destinations.

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Destination: Beach

I love going to the beach. I find that, as someone who's lived in a tropical country, the beach is one of my happy places. It calms me down, it makes me feel relaxed and it's just plain fun for me (especially when I've got a good book along for the trip!). I would love to pay a visit to Cousins Beach, and in particular, stay at the beach house where Conrad, Jeremiah and Belly are at in The Summer Series. But since it doesn't exist in real life, I'll settle for the beach in this picture (which is actually in Miami!).

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Destination: Sedona, AZ

After reading In Honor, I definitely want to experience a "vortex" for myself. I've always believed in the power of nature to heal, restore, relax and soothe - and this sounds like just the spot to do it. Plus, it helps that the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! It's also a bonus that I don't think I've ever been to that state, so it'll be another one off my list.

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Destination: San Francisco, CA
I know that, as a baby, my parents brought me to San Francisco, but I can't remember the experience for myself. I would love to visit this place and not only to do touristy things like see the Golden Gate Bridge or ride the trolley. It seems like such a beautiful place, plus, it's where one of my favorite books - Lola and the Boy Next Door - is set. Plus, I would love to visit the farmer's market and to try out all these great food places I keep seeing on my favorite blogs.
Destination: London, UK

I have always, always, always wanted to go to London. While my best friend and I are scheming about going there finally in February, the thirst to experience British culture has not waned. I still want to see all the tourist spots, hang out around people with posh British accents and just revel in the fact that I'm in the country that gave us Harry Potter, the Spice Girls, Kate & William and so much more. It would be especially cool if I met a cute guy on the plane, like in The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

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Destination: Paris, France
Oui, I would love to visit Paris. It's another dream of mine to picnic near the Eiffel Tower (which my best friend has done and my sister, and I'm so jealous!) and to walk down the streets of Paris. I would love to try all the sweets (which is not good for my health, but definitely delightful for my sweet tooth), see the lights of the city and just hear all the French accents around me. Plus, it would be a treat to visit the Louvre and Versailles. I love that Anna and the French Kiss is set in Paris - I would have wanted to be in a boarding school in France too!

What's your dream summer destination?

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  1. I like the beach...expect for the sand. SO SORT OF A DILEMMA. also omg omg I totally want to go to SF. One of my dreams is to go to a bookstore in the UK cos I like their covers so much. I came soooo close last year but their super early closing times ruined my dreams. :( Also a picnic in Paris sounds lovely! I have French cousins and apparently they do that all that time. I really want to go to SOAP too, like it sounds perfect to me.

  2. Awesome post! I would love to visit London and Paris ... such beautiful places! I've been to San Francisco -- it's one of my FAVOURITE cities! There's so much to do and lots of touristy things. :)

  3. London is probably the trip I want the most, but then you had to go and post these beautiful pictures of all these other places. You are lucky I like you.

    I think you have some excellent choies here. Although I would have Disneyland on my list I think and Portland. :)

  4. I really wish I could experience San Fran like Lola and Cricket did. I want their world -- the bakery her dads ran, the parks & picnics (specifically remembering the one music festival)...ahh, that yes. YES PLEASE. I love all the places you chose. Great book pairings, too! :)

  5. I'm a beach kid! I live close enough to the beach to not live ON the beach but just about an hour away. It's still my dream destination simply because I can't be there all the time. The best thing about it is the sound of the waves while I read.

  6. These are all superb choices. I approve of your taste (you know, 'cuz you needed my approval...). ;) Ahem. I live SUPER close to the beach, and it's AMAZING. I don't go as often as I should, probably because I take it for granted. :( But yeah, the beach/ocean is good for the soul.

    I would LOVE to go to London. Been to UK, but not London.

    That AZ picture is SO pretty! I love scenery like that. :)

    Great post! I've definitely got the travel bug.

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