December 23, 2011

TGIF (12): On My Wishlist

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Which books made it to your Christmas wishlist this year?

I could do this the short way and just have you take a look at this post or this post.
But, here, in all their glory, are the twenty-five books I really want for Christmas.

1. A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
2. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
3. Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares
4. Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
5. Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
6. Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs
7. Books 5-9 in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard
8. The Lying Game by Sara Shepard
9. Lament & Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater
10. Die for Me by Amy Plum
11. Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by David Levithan & Rachel Cohn
12. Across the Universe by Beth Revis
13. Tiger's Quest & Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck
14. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
15. Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
16. Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
17. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
18. The Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty
19. Insatiable & Overbite by Meg Cabot
20. The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern
21. Harry Potter series (UK edition) by J.K. Rowling
22. all the Nicholas Sparks novels
23. all the novels in the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot
24. all the Sarah Dessen books I don't have yet
25. The Pledge by Kimberley Derting

I would love to have any (or all) of these books in a package with my name on it this Christmas.
What books do you want to get for Christmas?

Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard
A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

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  1. I'm excited to read Sisterhood Everlasting! I really can't wait and now that you've mentioned that it's a great ending to the series, I just want to read it even more!

  2. I haven't read Delirium yet! I've been meaning to, but my book pile is INSANE right now.

  3. What a great list. I could just copy it to mine.....Hope Santa brings you all of them! Happy Holidays and thanks for visiting!

  4. What a great list! I got an ARC of Die for Me, but still have not had the chance to read it! I've heard it's amazing. Dash and Lily is amazing. Loved it. I want Across the Universe too! Have you not read Delirium!?!? Honey, get on that! Hope you get everything you asked for! Merry Christmas!

  5. I agree with a great deal of them: they really are great books! Hopefully someone will get them for you, maybe someone you know will stumble across the blog and find them. Personally, I went for the easy option of referring to Top Ten Tuesday! Night Circus IS amazing!

  6. You have a superb list. I hope you get Lament & Ballad, so you can fall in love with the greatness that is James. I hope you have an awesome Christmas.

  7. a list of awesome! lol. amy & roger is sooooo goooddd! omygosh! and harry potter UK,, so want that too. great great list. Happy Holidays!!!! :)

    xoxo Victorie <3

  8. Your job for today: E-mail me what Sarah Dessen books you don't have because it hurts my heart to see my friends deprived of Sarah Dessen. Since she is my favorite author I sometimes feel (especially during the holiday season) that I should share her awesomeness with the world. And since you are full of awesomeness as well, it only makes sense that you are gifted some of her books.
    p.s. I just woke up so if the above paragraph is rambly and confusing, I apologize. The gist of it is, e-mail me which SD books you would like for the holidays!!!

  9. I read Sisterhood Everlasting earlier this year and it was a great ending to the series! I also LOVED Delirium and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.

    I've had Revolution for a few months and have heard that it is excellent, but I still haven't read it. My goal is to read it over the next couple weeks. Hopefully you will get it and like it too!


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