April 24, 2011

Fashion Aspirations • Poseur

Poseur book cover
Poseur by Rachel Maude
Series: The Poseur Series #1
Publisher: Poppy
Publication Date: January 1, 2008
Source/Format: Borrowed (Thanks Jaymee!) || Paperback

Charlotte Beverwil, Janie Farrish, Melissa Moon, and Petra Greene attend exclusive Winston Prep in the Hollywood Hills. And that's all they have in common. But hang out together? They'd rather be hanged. Borrow one another's clothes? They'd sooner borrow a zit. So when these four sophomores are forced into a class to create their own fashion label, they Clash with a capital C. Can a cool coquette, a shy punk, a hippie goddess, and a ghettoglam egomaniac make beautiful couture together?

Poseur is a cute, quick read. It tells the story of four very different girls - Janie, Charlotte, Melissa and Petra - who all have one thing in common, a desire to create a brand/label that's all about fashion... and volunteer that idea for a class at their posh school.

One of the things that I did enjoy about Poseur is the fact that each girl is a very unique individual. They have their own quirks, and you sort of come to appreciate how distinctly different they are. My favorite of the girls is Charlotte, if only because her style (in terms of fashion) seems to suit me the most; personality-wise though, I think I'd be more like Janie.

Poseur also has cute illustrations to boot, a fact which made me smile. It's nice to get a visual image of what you're reading, especially when it comes to something as visual a field as fashion. I got a chance to see the girls' outfits through the sketches interspersed throughout the story, which was really neat.

This book was quite well-written, employing great imagery and the use of many points of view. I feel like I could distinguish between each character, which is not an easy feat for any author to accomplish, so I think that Maude did a great job.

Though I did enjoy reading Poseur, it was just one of those books that I would read in passing - not necessarily something I'd search for or put on my own list of books to buy. I would recommend this, however, for middle grade readers and those who like series like The Clique, Gossip Girl and The Interns.


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