April 22, 2011

Watch + Learn (+ Buy) • Life Lessons Learned While Shopping

Life Lessons Learned While Shopping book cover
Life Lessons Learned While Shopping by Amanda Ford
(Alternate Title: Retail Therapy)
Publisher: Conari Press
Publication Date: September 15, 2002
Source/Format: Borrowed (Thanks Jaymee!) || Hardcover

Life Lessons Learned While Shopping explains how the skills you need for a successful shopping expedition are the same ones you need for a successful life - self-discipline, patience, hope, and moderation, as well as instant recognition of a good deal.

Life Lessons Learned While Shopping I borrowed from a friend over the weekend while I was staying at her place - a fitting read for her and I because we both love to shop! This was definitely a nice, easy read, with the book broken down into main sections, and then into little "rules" under each section. The author successfully managed to integrate some basics of shopping (and some other characteristics of shopping) into advice for how to live your life. With this interesting combination, it was filled with helpful advice and interesting little anecdotes from the author.

That having been said, I feel like that author could have elaborated a bit more about these personal tenets of hers. Although some of them were quite simple, there were a few that deserved a little more elaboration.

Not only could a little more elaboration have been used, but, quite possibly, the author might have distinguished something similar to a list of top ten life lessons or something a bit easier to remember. There were quite a lot of different lessons learned so it's hard to remember them, which is what I believe the author intended for us to do. All in all, I'd recommend Life Lessons Learned While Shopping for fans of shopping and self-help, quite possibly as a gift.


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