April 23, 2011

Food + Friendship • Girls Dinner Club

Girls Dinner Club book cover
Girls Dinner Club by Jessie Elliot
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: June 24, 2005
Source/Format: Borrowed (Thanks Jaymee!) || Hardcover

The love of Junie's life for the past year is suddenly acting like a crazed puppy. Celia's dad has found the most ridiculous woman in all of Manhattan—and decided, after fifteen years of being single, to date her. Danielle's hot-guy-in-a-band ex-boyfriend is trying to convince her that he's "changed." Sometimes living life is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes, girls just have to make their own recipes.

The summary of Girls Dinner Club was what had me intrigued and wanting to read it. When I did finally finish, I felt very ambivalent about it - I liked some of it, I didn't like some of it. It turned out to be just an average read for me.

While I did enjoy the idea of the girls dinner club for these three friends, and it was amusing seeing how varied and fun their menus were for every time they did it, I do wish there had been more emphasis on this. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few additions that might have made the book even more interesting and meaningful - adding recipes for the dishes the girls cooked, choosing dishes based significantly on what they could mean or symbolize, thematic dinner club sessions instead of just picking whatever they felt like.

I did like the friendship between the girls, and the realistic portrayal of the different situations they were facing. There's a lot of tough stuff happening all around them, and finding solace in their dinners and in each other was such a beautiful concept. Each girl faces her own personal struggles and, in the end, though not necessarily perfectly resolved, there seems to be a conclusive improvement or change in their lives. Girls Dinner Club is an okay read, but I wouldn't really say it was one of my favorites.


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