April 22, 2011

Book Blogger Hop (1)

Book Blogger Hop
Hosted by Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books.
This week's question comes from Christina who blogs at The Paperback Princesses.

If you find a book you love, do you hunt down other books by the same author?

My answer to this question is a definitive YES.  I usually end up loving a book because the author manages to connect with me on that perfect level, where I feel like she translates onto the page exactly what I wanted to read or experience or capture myself.  Whenever I find myself immensely enjoying a book, I hunt down all of the author's other works and read through them as soon as possible!


  1. I also like to read everything I can by an author if they've written a book I love. Sometimes it's disappointing but usually I like the author's other works too.

    1. I agree that there's a certain level of risk to simply going straight for the author's other books without question. But I mean, if we enjoyed their writing, we'll probably enjoy it in all the books - or one would hope :)

  2. Its so great finding more books by an author that you really love. :)

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm now following your blog! I look forward to reading your posts. :)

  3. First-time visitor.

    Love the polka dots. NEW FOLLOWER.

    Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

    Stop by my blog if you like to see my answer.



  4. Super cute blog!! New follower here :)

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads


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