February 1, 2021

January 2021

The first month of the new year has drawn to a close! Plenty of things happened this month amid the more mundane aspects of my life (i.e. work days and chores). First off, it was inauguration month and, despite all the obstacles and naysayers, it went off beautifully. (I really recommend listening to Amanda Gorman's inauguration poem, as it is incredible and it really moves me every time I listen to it.) I started having weekly singing lessons with Macky and learning how to play the ukelele, as well as incorporating once a week workouts into my habits. I also got to see friends, ranging from a quick morning popover to see Kristin for the first time in nearly a year to game nights with the usual gang to a Zoom call party for my best friend's birthday to my monthly hangout with Rachel to a baby shower for Pat & Ian. And the month ended with our little pod finding a new toy to be obsessed with: the Oculus Quest, specifically the game Beat Saber!

I still can't believe I'm actually able to say this, but I somehow managed to read a total of seventeen (17!) books in the month of January. It helped that 5 of those were audiobooks that kept me company during my tedious work days spent messing around with spreadsheets, as well having 7 of them be romance books (which is a genre I read fairly quickly). My favorite reads were Archangel's Sun (a surprise in the sense of how much I ended up loving the couple in this installment), Boyfriend Material (this was so cute and is exactly the kind of rom-com that I enjoy), Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch (my absolute favorite read of the month; it was whimsical and relatable and wonderful and I totally cried reading it), The Switch (another one I thought was super cute and it would make a great film), A Pho Love Story (such a relatable YA contemporary read on a personal level and super cute romance) and Amelia Unabridged (a lyrical semi-slice of life story that incorporates grief, stories and chance).

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  1. Still in awe of how open the States are with get togethers and such. Up here in Canada, we can't do much. They did loosen some restrictions but we are only allowed to have 2 people outside of the household to be in someone's house.

    Anyway, outstanding month for your both. Love your YouTube vids and book recs.

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm glad we finally got to see each other in real life! And you've gotten me SO excited to read Eva Evergreen!


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