May 8, 2020

Tunes & Tales: Electric Light

If you’ve been a long-time blog reader or you simply follow me on Instagram, then you likely already know that I am a huuuuuuuge James Bay fan. I was so excited for the release of his sophomore album Electric Light! It’s definitely a departure from his debut in terms of sound, as there’s heavier instrumental production and synths used on a number of tracks. But even with the new chapter in sound, there is still a callback to his musical roots. Most tracks still feature his signature acoustic guitar playing paired with his raw vocal and honest lyrics, and it all comes together to be a fully incredible album. While I prefer his debut just a smidge more than this one, I still highly recommend giving this one a listen! I have it on repeat a lot when the day calls for it, and it’s one of my go-to listens when I’m doing work (because it’s oddly motivational for me).

I had a few immediate favorites upon my first listen, but I also had a few tracks grow on me as the album went into my rotation. Here are my five favorite tracks!

Song: Wild Love
Lyrics: “Don’t know what to say to you now / Standing right in front of you / Don’t know how to fade in and out / Don’t know how to play it cool / Lose a little guard, let it down / We don’t have to think it through / We’ve got to let go / I wanna give you wild love / The kind that never slows down / I wanna take you high up / Let our hearts be the only sound / I wanna go where the lights burn low and you’re only mine / I wanna give you wild love”
Alexa’s Thoughts: I truly cannot tell you how many times I listened to this track, both when it was released as the initial single and when I started listening to the full album. It’s the perfect blend of a new sound with signature lyrics, and I am still incredibly obsessed with this track. (Also, I could have copy pasted this ENTIRE song’s lyrics for the section prior to this one. Because it just fits this story so well.)

Song: Just for Tonight
Lyrics: “Make me believe that you need me most / Be the real thing, don’t be just a ghost / I try to call but I can’t get hold / Call me right back, call me right back / You told me, no matter, everywhere we go / I was your rock, was it just a joke? / If I come a’lookin’, would you even know? / Call me right back, call me right back”
Alexa’s Thoughts: I’ve always loved the way this track sounds, because it’s particularly reminiscent of Chaos and the Calm. The juxtaposition between the cheerful-sounding music and the pleading in the lyrics has always been a great hook as well. This is also the track that I can never stop myself from singing along with when it plays!

Song: In My Head
Book: The Play
Lyrics: “Now that you exist, I’m in your atmosphere / I’m going out of my mind / I’m gonna get you in my head whether I like it or not / I’m gonna get you in my head ‘til I can’t forget / I’m gonna get you in my head, in my head, in my head / I’m gonna get you in my head ‘til I can’t forget”
Alexa’s Thoughts: This track is so dang catchy! I’m always humming along to it whenever it comes on, simply because it’s impossible for that earworm to leave me alone. I also really like how cheeky it comes across!

Song: Wanderlust
Lyrics: “I just need to see you, need to feel that rush / Again and again and again / Come on over and mend my heart / I didn’t want to be here / I didn’t want to be here without you / Want to be here / But every one of us, every one of us got wanderlust”
Alexa’s Thoughts: When I saw the tracklist for the album prior to actually listening, this was the title that immediately stood out. Honestly, anything that evokes the idea of travel? I’m here for it. I was actually surprised by the sound of this track initially, but it grew on me with every listen.

Song: I Found You
Book: Jet
Lyrics: “When I found you / I needed you more than I’ll ever know / Slippin’ deeper, deeper / I can’t believe I get to know you / No, I can’t believe I get to show you / I had no one ‘til I found you, oh / ‘Til I really found you”
Alexa’s Thoughts: I just loved this song right from the first listen. First of all, the music is so good and is the type of thing I could listen to forever. Pairing that with lyrics that hit you in the feels? It’s a winning combination. I still can’t stop smiling whenever I hear that intro and when it crescendoes spectacularly.


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