May 1, 2020

April 2020

April was the first full month we spent in social isolation. Honestly? It was weird. The first half of the month was productive, as I juggled actual work tasks, chores at home and all my hobbies. But in the middle of the month, I hit a weird funk that was a combination of restlessness, exhaustion and anxiety so I spent a good two weeks just working, doing chores and watching anime. I'm still not fully out of that mood, but I started to feel better during the last couple of days in April (and it probably had a lot to do with starting Animal Crossing: New Horizons). I'm looking forward to May and hoping it'll be a better month!

I managed to finish 8 books and 5 graphic novels in the month of April. My favorite of the month was absolutely The Happy Ever After Playlist (which is a fun, escapist contemporary romance read), and I also really enjoyed The Simple Wild (I really want to go to Alaska now) and Vengeful (I just really enjoyed the play on good and evil in this one). I also have to document the fact that, on the 29th, I finally finished reading Les Miserables, which I consider a bookish bucket list achievement!

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  1. It is weird this new norm of living... hope it ends soon. Happy May, stay safe!

  2. I spent a lot of time on Animal Crossing myself. More than watching tv even! Yeah, a whole month in isolation, or as much as possible. Hoping that May brings us some semblance of what it was before.
    Check out my April Wrap-Up Post

  3. I definitely feel you on getting into a bit of a rut with all that's going on. Hopefully, you have a better May!

    - Heather | Nerdy By Nature Blog


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