April 2, 2018

Spring Survival Kit

It will likely surprise no one that I'm collaborating with Rachel on another set of fun posts! This time, we're tackling seasonal essentials. For Winter and Spring, it'll be survival kits due to our mutual dislike of cold weather and we're both plagued by allergies. For Summer and Autumn, we haven't thought of what to call it yet but it'll definitely be less about survival and more about fun stuff since those are our two favorite seasons.

Ah, Spring. I love this season for a few reasons - the way the weather warms up and the days get longer (especially after a difficult winter), the profusion of blooms that pop up all around New York, the fact that I get to shed layers and wear some of my lighter jackets, the feeling of possibility it gives me. But Spring is also a difficult season for me for one very specific reason: allergies. I'm lucky enough to rely on meds to make sure my allergy symptoms don't get too overwhelming, but it's still not fun to have to constantly take medicine in order to regulate my symptoms. Anyway, enough of that, since that's not what you're here for. Check out my essentials for spring!

Allergy medicine | We might as well get this item out of the way, since it's a necessity in order for my actual survival when assaulted by pollen. I take medication daily during the season in the form of Claritin and nasal spray, and I'm not even kidding when I say that it's this combination that ensures that I manage to actually enjoy the good things about the season.

Flowers | Even though pollen is my enemy, I still love flowers - in the wild and in my home. There's just something about a beautiful, colorful bouquet on my table that makes me smile. There's also something that makes me happy about seeing the blossoms on the trees and bushes and plants. It's just a touch of color that brings joy to my every day, and this is the best season for that.

Sneakers | I used to be a mostly flats kind of gal, but I must be feeling the influence of my sister Rachel these days since I've been turning to sneakers more and more often. I'm really fond of my gray Nike Free pair, but I'm looking into getting two new pairs for the Spring (white Converse high tops and a pair of Adidas Superstars).

Denim jacket | I love my denim jacket, y'all. It's such a versatile piece! You can wear it with joggers and a tee shirt, or you can throw it over a dress, and it works. I've had mine for a couple of years, and I can't see myself letting go of it any time soon. In fact, it's likelier that I'm going to acquire another in a different wash that I can use so that I have something to switch this one out with. (1

Light wash jeans | I'm a jeans girl during most seasons (except summer, because it's much too hot for that, in my opinion). But Spring is the season when I embrace lighter washes - regular ol' denim blue, lighter denim, bleached denim, white denim. It just feels most appropriate to go light as my spirits get lighter (because sunshine and flowers and blue skies will do that for me). (1)

Pink lipstick | I like wearing pink lip colors in this season. It just feels more natural with my style for this time (florals, lighter colors, the occasional dress). I've amassed a couple of pink shades that I'll be alternating between this year, but my current favorite is Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Loyalist.

Hair accessories | I love a fun headband or headscarf for this time of year. It adds a little style to an otherwise ordinary outfit, and I adore the way it looks on me especially with my new shorter hairstyle. (1, 2

What would be in your spring survival kit?
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  1. This is such a cute post :D YAY. Thank you for sharing lovely. <3 And yay for loving spring a bunch :) Sadly not much of spring here where I live, ugh. No warm weather or flowers until late May sometime. Ahhhh. So rude :D And gosh, I'm sorry about your allergies. Hope they won't be too bad this year. <3 Hugs.

  2. Allergies are the only reason I hate spring :( I have to take medication daily to survive as well. My fiancé said that local honey may help, since bee pollen is an ingredient. I guess it's similar to a flu shot, since it's introducing pollen in a small dosage? I will have to try it out haha. I love the headband idea as an accessory! I have to admit I'm kinda lazy when it comes to wearing jewelry and other accessories though :p


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