April 7, 2018

Sis Switch #3 | Food Flatlay

It's been such a treat having both of my sisters in New York with me! Mel has been with me since I returned in 2013 post-wedding, but Rachel joined us last year in October and has plans to stay for some time. One of my favorite things about having Rachel in town is that, as a fellow blogger (here's her personal blog), is that we like to toss around ideas and mull over collaborations. It was during one of those conversations that Sis Switch was born! It is, essentially, a blog feature where we 'switch' it up when it comes to the things that interest us. In Rachel's case, that means she'll be sharing her thoughts each month on a book that she's read. In my case, that means taking the time to work on my photography skills.

For March, Rachel challenged me to do a flatlay featuring food. I decided to feature some of the snacks we like to keep on hand around the house, as well as some chocolate I picked up during my trip to Iceland for this photo. While I had trouble initially with positioning, I think my final photo turned out alright. 


  1. Yay :D Your photo is beautiful. <3 I love that you are trying out new ways of taking pictures :) Hugs. And ahh, snacks :D My taste buds are changing all the time, and so I do not eat much snacks at all :\ Which sucks. Hmph.


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