April 11, 2018

Abbreviations #47 | Blurred Lines, Scorched + All of You

Before I even get into the mini-reviews for all three new adult titles that I'm featuring today, I have to declare something. I really just need to listen whenever Rachel tells me something is worth the read or she rates it highly, especially when it comes to NA because we have very similar tastes. These three titles all belong to the following categories: "Why did I wait so long to read this?", "Why do I have so many feelings about these characters?", "I clearly love romances and should stop procrastinating on reading them" and "I should always listen to Rachel". Anyway, on to the reviews!

I've had Blurred Lines on my radar since the year it was published, but I only finally decided to read it on a whim while we were en route to Iceland... and I'm so mad I didn't get to it earlier because it was so much fun and the romance was super cute. The basic premise? Parker and Ben are just friends and have been for years... until Parker's boyfriend breaks up with her, and Ben turns into her casual sex buddy when it's clear she can't get the hang of it with anyone else. It's obviously the story of two friends who realize that they mean something more to each other, but the way Layne portrays this journey is what made this read so great! Parker and Ben were both characters I absolutely adored, for one thing, and I loved seeing their relationship (both in the friendship and romantic sense) grow. Their banter was A+, the hijinks of this story made me laugh out loud multiple times, and I really loved that Layne surprised me with the direction she took for a few plot-related bits. It's a fun romance that is such a quick read as well, and I finished it with a smile on my face and the kind of reader satisfaction that comes with a great story. 

Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne | Series: Love Unexpectedly #1 | Publisher: Loveswept | Publication Date: August 25, 2015 | Source: Owned the Kindle book

I've been meaning to try and tackle the remainder of the Jennifer L. Armentrout novels I have yet to read (there are over twenty though, so don't expect that to be completed anytime soon...), and in an effort to get started, I decided I wanted to read Scorched. It's a companion novel to Frigid, and features two characters who figure into that story - Andrea and Tanner, who are usually at odds but also unable to deny that they're very much attracted to each other. But before either of them can do anything about the sparks that always fly between them, Andrea will need to confront the problems she's been running from. And that, my friends, is where I end this tiny little summary. Anyway, I thought this was a fun read, though it did have quite a few heavy moments as Andrea faces her demons. It was really compelling to see how the story unfolds! Plus, the banter and the sexual tension was spot on. It's solid JLA writing, per usual, and I was reminded yet again why I enjoy reading her stuff and why I should keep on doing that. (Tanner is a major bonus, mind you, as he's my type!)

Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout | Series: Frigid #2 | Previous Book in Series: Frigid | Publisher: Spencer Hill Press | Publication Date: June 16, 2015 | Source: Owned the Kindle book

I quite enjoyed All of You as well. (Are you sensing a trend here?) On the one hand, it's different from a lot of the other new adult stuff that I've read in that the guy is the one who happens to be saving his virginity for the right person. On the other hand, however, it is similar to other stories I've encountered where both characters have difficult familial backgrounds and that proves to be the major obstacle to their romance. While I don't necessarily think this is a perfect read, I had fun reading it! I liked Avery's take charge attitude, the way she was independent and fully confident in doing her own thing; I also really enjoyed seeing that dismantled as she got to know Bennett. And Bennett, well, he was a sweetheart that I adored from the start, and nothing that happens in this story made me change my stance on that. It was a pretty diverting read, and it was enough to make me curious to find out which other characters the author writes about for the rest of the series.

All of You by Christina Lee | Series: Between Breaths #1 | Publisher: Intermix | Publication Date: September 17, 2013 | Source: Owned the Kindle book


  1. Ohh, yay for loving all of these new adult books :D I do not read NA books, ahh, but I want to, one day, maybe. <3 And all of these sounds so good. Amazing reviews Alexa :) So happy you loved them. <3


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