January 8, 2018

2018 Picky Pledge

It's a brand new year, and one thing I've been looking forward is the reaffirmation of my collaboration with my BFF Hannah of So Obsessed With, also known as The Picky Pledge. If you're curious about how it all began, you can find out more here, but suffice to say that this project was born out of a mutual desire to continue to improve our ability to really pick out the books we love and decimate our TBRs. Today, we've got a whole bunch of things to share with everyone - our stats from 2017, how we fared during 2017 with our resolutions at the start and our plan for the year to come. 

In the past, we've done an entirely separate post filled with stats pertaining to our year in books. We tackled what we got and what we read, and it resulted in information that was interesting and helpful in guiding our updated resolutions for the year to come. We came to the decision that we only needed to share just a few of those stats this year, so check them out below!

I was so close to completing one of my goals (which you'll hear more about shortly)! It looks like review books still take up majority of my reads for the past year, though I can't say I'm too sorry since it introduced me to some of my favorite 2017 reads, particularly in YA. I'm really going to try and be more conscious of this in the year to come!

I'm not even going to try and pretend like I don't love the way that this chart looks this year, because I totally do. I was pretty pleased that I read books that were mostly 3 star (my average rating) and up last year, but you can't imagine how thrilled I am that majority of my 2017 reads were in the 4 star and up area of my ratings. It's nice to know that I'm getting better at picking out books that I end up really enjoying!

I'm always curious to see how the stats look for this category, just because I do love both series and stand-alones and don't necessarily make a conscious choice for one or the other when I pick up whatever I'm reading next. I'm pleasantly surprised to find this year, I'm a little bit more well-balanced, with 84 books in series and 71 standalone - a difference of only 13 books! I'm not entirely sure how 2018 is going to go (though I'm going to guess there may be a larger number of series read this year), but I'm pretty happy with this end result for 2017.

On to the check-in!
After checking out some of my stats, it's now time for me to tell you guys how I did with my goals for last year. When we did our 2017 Picky Pledge post, I said I was going to accomplish the following:
  • Review books will only comprise 50% of what I read. | STATUS: Partial success
    • I'm pretty pleased as punch to be able to report that I was actually able to get really close to accomplishing this goal. 57% of what I ended up reading in 2017 was comprised of review books, so that's only 7% off from my target. I'll call this one a partial win, okay?
  • Buy only 100 books. | STATUS: Failed
    • I honestly doubt that I only bought 100 books in 2017, so let's just call this one a fail. It's always very hard for me to resist really good sales, a Kindle deal or getting multiple copies of a book that I need for my collection so... Yeah, I still did quite a bit of book shopping.
  • Complete The Picky Pledge Reading Challenge. | STATUS: 95% success
    • Why not 100%, you ask? Well, it's primarily because I ended up finishing the last book this year instead of in 2017. But since I was already reading it, I'm going to partially count it towards this goal anyway.
I honestly can say that I'm much better about review books these days, though my book buying habits could definitely still use a little bit of work. And if you're interested in checking out what I read for The 2017 Picky Pledge Reading Challenge, I've included a full list below:

Now, after having shared the stats and checked in for 2017, what's in store for 2018?

Ah, of course, the most important bit - what 2018 is going to look like for Hannah and myself as we tackle another year of The Picky Pledge. We talked about it for a little bit, and what we really enjoyed and found beneficial from last year was The Picky Pledge Reading Challenge. So, we made the executive decision to make that our main goal for this year! We kept most of last year's categories, except for two, and we're hoping it will continue to encourage us to tackle our TBRs. Unlike last year, however, we won't be doing individual reviews for every month. Instead, we'll do a big ol' recap at the end of the year to let you know what we've read for every category!

What are your reading goals for 2018?


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