May 31, 2017

May 2017 (+ May Flights of Fantasy Linky)

I feel like May was just as much of a whirlwind as April was with all the things that happened this month! I was just telling Danica the other day how I felt like I'd blinked and the month was over. Crazy how fast time flies, especially when you're having fun, right?

I got to catch two ballets (one by the New York City Ballet, and one by the American Ballet Theater), went to Charleston for a couple of days to celebrate my best friend's wedding, spent quality time with friends from the Philippines who were visiting, went on a mini road trip, did a couple of game nights and movie marathons, reorganized my library and finally got my learner's permit. Even being sick for a week or so didn't stop me from working and going out to have some fun!

My reading has pretty much gone back to normal now, what with me reading a total of 11 books, 2 manga and 2 comics this month. I'm psyched that I enjoyed most of what I read (with one very notable exception and not including the one book that I DNF-ed). Again, majority of my reading was centered around contemporary novels, though my favorites include a few titles from other genres.


I only managed to read one fantasy novel - A Court of Wings and Ruin - and two fantasy mangas - Boruto Vol.1 and Naruto and the Scarlet Spring. It's partly because my mood has called for me to indulge in contemporary reads, but also partly because ACOWAR just broke me in the best way and I couldn't imagine reading another fantasy after that one. It looks like I'm almost ready to start diving into the genre again though, so that's promising! What have you read this month? Don't forget to link up to your recaps and reviews below! (And if you still want to sign up and join us, you can do that here.)


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