May 25, 2017

Library Dreamin'

my current set-up! ignore the messy sides ;)
Last Saturday, I spent an entire morning-into-afternoon rearranging my bookshelves and all the knickknacks on them. While I kept my series specific shelves and rainbow shelves, I moved things around so that they would feel new, and I'm pretty pleased with the end result. It suits my aesthetic perfectly and has the added bonus of utilizing the available space for all the books I need to store. That being said, while I do love how my shelves look and being able to constantly rearrange them when the mood strikes, I still harbor dreams of what my future library will look like if I ever have the space for one. Here's a glimpse of some of my ideas for it!

Product Info: Athens Library in NimbusHenri 2.5" Swag Kit in Antiqued Nickel
Preston 53" Upholstered Tufted Chair in Vernon SmokeJames Floor Lamp
I love the idea of a secret entrance into my library that's hidden behind a simpler bookshelf, because the idea of having a space that's private and just for me has always appealed to me. When you enter, however, you come into a large room with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that have a ladder (*coughs* I blame Beauty and the Beast *coughs*) that are filled with books and knickknacks. There will be pendant lighting like this scattered creatively around the room, as well as a floor lamp and an end table right by my reading chair. I'd throw in an accent rug for color, and spread my collection of candles all over the room.

Product Info: Gunn & Swain Siren Throw Blanket / "Within" by EvieSEO
"Adventurers" by CrisUnplugged / "The Inner Circle" by Charlie Bowater
But the thing that I'm particularly keen on having is a window nook! I've always loved the idea of having a little nook with shelves in front of large picture windows, so I could sit there to read or write or think while I looked outside. I'd like that area to have decorative, comfortable couch cushions, a cozy throw blanket and maybe a row of succulents for some greenery too. It would be such a lovely spot to relax in, and I'm still crossing my fingers it'll be in my future home one day.

What does your dream library look like?
(Thank you the lovely team over at Arhaus for encouraging me to write this post!)


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