July 19, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Pack Your Bags and Go!

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One important fact about me: I love traveling, whether I actually leave and go on a trip in a physical sense or I read a book that utterly transports me to an entirely new place. When I saw that today's topic was to share some books that are set in places outside of the US, I jumped at the chance to share some of the stories I love that are set in other countries! Without further ado, here are ten books that (a) I enjoyed and (b) are set outside of the USA.

Dangerous Girls - setting: Aruba - While I would never, ever, ever wish the situation on myself or anyone I know in real life, I do think it would be pretty fun to visit Aruba. It sounds like an interesting place to go to (though I'm not necessarily a big fan of the typical spring break activities), and one to cross off of the buck list!

Wanderlove - setting: Central America - I honestly wish that, as a young, single gal, I'd had (or embraced) more opportunities to travel on my own or with a tour group. Travel is one of the most eye-opening experiences anyone could have, and I would have welcomed its influence on my perspectives and future choices.

Wanderlost - setting: Europe - I would never turn down the opportunity to travel around Europe, even if I were (a) being paid to do it and (b) having to take care of a group of senior citizens, like Aubree is in this story. It's both a chance to experience some of the great sights and tourist destinations, and a way to earn money, and a way to develop some life skills too.

Wish You Were Italian - setting: Italy - I got the opportunity to visit a few Italian cities earlier this year, specifically Milan, Sorrento, Venice and Rome, but I would love to spend time visiting more places in that country. It's a beautiful place with the best food, and such interesting history to boot. I love the way Italy is portrayed in this book, so I had to mention it! (Bonus rec: Racing the Sun is also set in Italy, and is a lovely read!)

Just One Year setting: Amsterdam, Mexico, India - (Sidenote: I hope I remembered these settings correctly.) I just love the variety of settings that this story offers the reader, and I think it's a brilliant way to "travel" without leaving your home. Plus, it's just a really good alternative perspective on the Allyson/Willem story too, if you've read Just One Day.

Confessions of a Shopaholic - setting: London - Years before I ever even encountered a book blog, I absolutely loved the Shopaholic series. There's nothing quite like this story of perpetually in debt, unstoppable shopaholic Becky Bloomwood! It's funny, it's over the top, it's such a quick and easy read, and I was swept up from start to finish.

Daughter of the Forest
 - setting: Ireland - Apart from England (specifically London), Ireland is another place I would love to visit. I've dreamed of doing so for ages (particularly the Cliffs of Moher and the library at Trinity College), but for now, I'm going to live vicariously through this story because it is amazing and so worth rereading over and over and over again.

The Bronze Horseman setting: Russia - As someone who grew up fascinated with the animated film Anastasia, developed a tendre for reading Romanov history and is generally hoping to visit Russia one day, I absolutely had to mention this book. It's just such an interesting, complex story with complicated characters set against a horrifying, terrible backdrop, and it is a wonderful read.

Orange - setting: Japan - First of all, if you've never read a manga before or even if you have, you've got to give Orange a shot. It is so, so, so good and I'm pretty much obsessed. Ahem. Anyway, I've been lucky enough to visit Japan before, but it wasn't for nearly long enough and I know there's so much more to see! Japan is one of my dream destinations to visit again, and I hope to do so in the next couple of years.

Where Sea Meets Sky - setting: New Zealand - I've always wanted to visit New Zealand (and yes, maybe this partially has to do with Lord of the Rings). It just seems like such a picturesque place, and as a nature girl, I feel like I'd soak that all up. This book just describes this setting wonderfully, and made me want to visit more than ever!

What books set outside the US have you loved and read?


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