July 11, 2016

Summer of Sailor Scouts: Favorites

Earlier this year, Cee of The Novel HermitCristina of Girl in the Pages, Kristin of Super Space ChickSierra of SDavReads & I all discovered that we shared a mutual love and appreciation for Sailor Moon! After exchanging plenty of flailing tweets and constantly bringing up our love for this magical girl story, we felt it was only right to celebrate it - and that's what happening this July. Every week will feature a brand new blog post per day from each of us, and we're so excited to be sharing the Sailor Moon love with all our readers. For the official schedule, check out the announcement post!

This week, we'll all be sharing our favorites - for the show, the manga and other Sailor Moon-related things. I decided to go for gold and share as many of my favorites as I could, just so that you guys have a better idea of which parts of Sailor Moon are my actual favorites!

Favorite Version: This is also pretty easy to answer, as I really love the original Japanese version with subs. (Fun fact: I generally prefer my anime to be subbed and not dubbed.) Anyway, I just have very fond memories associated with this particular version, which is why I picked it!

Favorite Episode: I haven't watched the show in ages (and it's on my list of shows to rewatch at some point), but one episode that stays with me is called "Usagi's Awakening: A Message from the Distant Past". Basically, this is the episode where viewers will learn all about the past of the Sailor Scouts. I was fascinated the first time I ever reached this episode and learned the full story. It just struck me as so clever, and it made a lot of things that I hadn't understood until then make sense!

Favorite Overall Plot: I'm honestly a sucker for the overall plot in the first season. To me, it feels like there are three major plots: the activation of the Sailor Scouts one by one, their teamwork to recover the crystals that the Dark Kingdom are after and their face-off with the Dark Kingdom in order to save the planet. It's such a fun story of self-discovery, friendship, adventure and romance, and I absolutely adored it.

Favorite Scout: My favorite is Sailor Mercury, which you probably already knew after seeing my book recommendations inspired by/for her last week. I've already explained why I love her so in that post, but here's the short and sweet of it: I could see myself in her personality, and I loved her character growth on the show.

Favorite Villain: My favorite villains are the Shitennou - Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite - four young men who were generals and bodyguards to Prince Endymion. In a twist of fate, they wind up possessed by negative energy. This turns them evil and they wind up serving Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom, which means their paths often cross with the Sailor Scouts in various altercations. I just loved their history (which they do not come to remember until later); I thought that was such a fascinating twist to these villains.

Favorite Non-scout Character: This one is so easy that it's almost laughable - I love Luna. She's smart, and she's stubborn; she's sassy, and she's sweet. I absolutely adored how much she cared for Usagi (and the other girls too), and how she was also willing to do whatever it took to make things happen. She's also just seriously adorable!

Favorite Relationship: I almost chose Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion because I'm a sucker for their love story, but the original Sailor Scouts and their friendship really just wins over that. To me, what was always really striking about this story was how these girls came to be such incredible friends. They were such a variety of personalities, but somehow, their dynamic still worked. In fact, it totally kicked butt! I loved seeing them get really close, and work together to defeat the bad guys. Plus, I totally enjoyed discovering how they were connected in the past.

And now it's YOUR turn! I'd love to hear about your favorites, or even just your memories of Sailor Moon, so feel free to share in the comments section below!

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