July 13, 2016

A Weekend in Cape Cod

I got to go on my first official road trip of the summer last weekend! Kelly, Rachel & I had been discussing a getaway for a while now, especially because Kelly was in our neck of the woods (which so rarely happens, but thankfully, has been something that has consistently coincidentally just happened to be the case since last year). We finally settled on driving up to Cape Cod, which is more or less halfway between all of us. It might have been a really long drive, but it was so worth it to hang out with two of my best friends in the entire universe! I feel like that weekend just solidified how much I adore these ladies, and how much I cherish my friendships with both of them.

Rachel & I had originally planned to make it up to Barnstable on Friday, but our plans were derailed when we ran into some car trouble. Instead, we wound up driving up on Saturday afternoon, after the car had been sorted out by the mechanics. We arrived in Cape Cod at around 6PM, which was later than we would have liked, but we were still in high spirits after hours of listening to our road trip playlist, being greeted by a super charming host and AirBNB rental upon our arrival, and at being reunited with Kel. We wound up chatting for a couple of hours, before we left to grab dinner at Bobby Byrne’s Restaurant and Pub in Mashpee Commons. We spent the entire meal talking, and went home and – surprise, surprise – talked some more. Hours flew by as we caught up on anything and everything (which was surprisingly a lot considering we all chat regularly), and before we knew it, it was 1AM and we had to go to bed since we planned on getting an early start the next day.

We were up early enough to take turns using the bathroom and spend some time getting ready for the rest of our day. We finally left at around 9:30 to grab breakfast over at Spoon and Seed, a fairly popular breakfast/brunch haunt for the locals because it was pretty crowded when we arrived! It was worth the wait though, because the food was so good (particularly the pancakes, which I’m still thinking about). We took our time eating and chatting (seriously, we still hadn’t run out of things to talk about), and when we were done, we decided to visit bookstores! We started out visiting Books by the Sea, which was smaller than we expected, but still charming. We then went to Titcomb Bookshop, which was a three floor bookstore with a mix of secondhand books, new books, toys and more. After the bookish part of our day, we grabbed some ice cream at Four Seas Homemade Ice Cream (which was delicious, by the way). We then headed home to pack up, chat a bit more and then part ways for our long drives home.

All in all, in spite of the shenanigans (the car and the weather mostly), it was still such a fun trip! I love getting to spend quality face time with my friends, and that’s really the takeaway of this weekend for me. I’m so glad we were able to make this trip happen, and hope that we get to go on another one someday!


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