June 24, 2016

Tunes & Tales: Road Between

The album I'm going to be sharing today is one of my favorites to listen to from start to finish, particularly during the warmer months of the year. Why? Because the vibe it gives me is so summery. If you're wondering what album I might be talking about, let me tell you: Lucy Hale's Road Between. I'm obsessed with her catchy tunes and clever lyrics, and will definitely have this album on rotation this summer (as I did last year).

VIBE: pop country, with a combination of upbeat tunes and slower songs
WHY: It's a fun summer soundtrack!
TRY: Kiss Me & Loved are my two favorites, but You Sound Good To Me is the song I heard first!

You Sound Good to Me / Shuffle, Repeat
I could just sit and listen to you talkin' all night
When you whisper
Yeah, baby, when you lean in
I get a crazy, crazy good kind of feelin' [...]
Tell me
All of your stories
And don't you leave nothin' out 'cause baby, I ain't in a hurry
Every little thing you say
Got a real nice ring to it
The way it rolls off your lips
And oh, when you give me that kiss

From the Backseat / Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
You can see for miles
You can reach the dials,
Sit back and smile from the front seat
You can chase the sun
You can feel the hum of the axles underneath your feet
When you're sitting shotgun,
You're sittin' pretty and free

Nervous Girls / Winning
I'm that girl you think that's got it figured out.
But I walk around, with a head full of doubt.
The cruelest words about me, come from my own mouth

Red Dress / Me Before You
If I close my eyes, and Imagine you are here.
It'll last for awhile, before you disappear.
So I close my eyes, cause the only thing I fear
Is waking up one day, forgetting you were ever here
Darling, it's you I remember with your red dress on

Goodbye Gone / Dirty Deeds
You let me go and I’m losing sleep, 
Counting your lies like I’m counting sheep.
Now it’s time to right this wrong, 
Boy, I’m gonna getcha goodbye gone. 
I can stay out late if it makes me happy, 
Flirt with the boy who’s looking at me. 
Whatever it takes to break this heartbreak, 
I’ve had way too long

You talk to some girl
I dance with some guy
Catch each other's eye and we pretend
Like we don't care
But I know you know I know
We ain't really let this go, no [...]
Don't you know I want you with me
And it ain't just cause I'm tipsy
You can act like it's still over
And you don't miss me
Or you could just kiss me

Road Between / Just One Day
I'm still getting to the good part
The breaking down
Learning how to write my story
And I'm in the middle of the madness
The live and lose
Finding who I'm gonna be
From the start till the end
I'm still learning the road between

Lie A Little Better / Wanderlost (Rachel suggested this!)
Been trying to cover
This heart out on my sleeve
Been set on playing this down but
I think you're catchin' on to me
The truth is I'm fallin' to pieces
Anytime that you're around
Trouble is the truth keeps slippin' out
Can't seem to hide what I'm feelin'
Can't believe what I'm sayin' out loud
Truth is there's no turnin' back now
Well, I guess I should have learned how to lie a little better

That's What I Call Crazy / Summer of Sloane
I've been seeing red since you said goodbye
I might break a thing or two sometimes
If you think that sounds crazy, then you should've seen me
Sitting by the phone, all those nights alone [...]
That's what I call crazy

Love Tonight / The Perfect Stranger
I kind of like the way you smile
And maybe that is all I need to know about you right now
Imagination running wild
We can make this whatever we want it, 
Whoa-oh oh-oh
Whatever you're selling, I've already bought it, 
Whoa-oh oh-oh
Whatever this is
Oh, baby, let's not chase it
It's only a kiss
Oh, we don't have to complicate it

Just Another Song / Forever, Interrupted
It's a good day, good cup of coffee to drink
It's a good day, no dishes piled up in the sink
I'm a long way from the place I used to be
It's a good day
Oh, teardrops have gone
Oh, then I hear that song
It takes me back to me and you
Black and white movie I made you watch, then we kissed
Oh, I knew I was falling for you

My Little Black Wedding Dress / I Wish You Were Mine (Rachel suggested this!)
I'm ushered in, I take my place on the bride's side of the church
And it fits me like a glove,
Holds me just tight enough
It's nothing new but it still turns head
My little black wedding dress

Ten years old, hair running wild
Dirt on my face and a naughty smile
I was so in love with the place that I called home
Fourteen, growing up fast
Chasing boys and skipping class
Double daring on the kiss me back, scared down to the bone
'Cause there's no one that I gotta be, it all comes down to the simple things
It feels like home and family, my feet in the red clay
My heart runs like the Mississippi, all the way back from the big city
When the sun goes down at the end of the day, nowhere else can make me feel this way
It feels like home

You could rope the moon and bring me all the stars in heaven
It won't change how I feel
You don't have to be a modern-day Shakespeare
You don't have to be anything you're not
You don't have to give me diamonds to impress me
Just give me your heart
Make me feel loved, make me feel beautiful
Make me feel dance-around-the-room, Cinderella kind of magical
Make me believe I'm all that you'll ever need
Hold me close and make me feel a million kinds of wonderful
Baby, your touch, it's more than enough
Make me feel loved


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